its owner is in jail

We have new controversy in the crypto market. Ethereum Name Service, the service that provides .eth domains and names for wallets in a decentralized way will not be able to renew its own domain. For a few weeks now, users who enter the ENS DAO website see a nice banner at the top of the screen where GoDaddy warns that the domain’s expiration date has passed. The deadline to checkout is next September 5. However, nobody believes that this will happen, because the one who has to put the credit card will be behind bars for a while.

The .eth domain provider cannot renew its own domain

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Virgil Griffith is the only person in this world authorized to renew the Ethereum Name Service domain. Yet he is fulfilling 63 month sentence for helping North Koreans use cryptocurrencies to circumvent sanctions. This crime is the same for which a few months ago, the FBI put Cao de Benós on the most wanted list.

According to a notice that the domain registrar godaddy posted on his website late this Friday, expired july 26 and it is scheduled to return to a domain registry on September 5, where it will be available to anyone who wants to get their hands on it.

Ethereum Name Service, an important piece within Ethereum

The ENS DAO is not a small or minor project. Through this website, the Ethereum Name Service Protocol, a web3 version of a domain name service provider. If you follow people from the world of cryptocurrencies on Twitter, surely you have seen the occasional user who identifies with the .eth extension. That domain has been previously issued by this decentralized organization.

Among their products are not only domains, but they also sell personalized names for wallets and other services linked to the Ethereum blockchain. The utility of this is to create easy-to-remember names, hiding to a certain extent the jumble of numbers and letters that we usually see in blockchain products. To make a comparison, Ethereum Name Service is nothing other than the ICANN of Ethereum.

The community already has a temporary alternative

Ethereum Name Service has been using the site all this time to provide access to information about all ENS names. However, the DAO is already advising its users to switch to, another domain operated by the user community.

According to a tweet from the ENS DAO Twitter account, EasyDNS CEO Mark Jeftovic had previously reached an agreement to renew the domain address for another year before the domain provider allegedly decided to stop honoring the agreement “suddenly and without warning».

According to them, that a domain service cannot renew your domain is not an oxymoron. Some of Company executives have charged GoDaddy for ‘re-expiring’ the domain once it has been renewed. According to ENS, this manipulation by GoDaddy shows that a decentralized service like the one they offer is necessary to avoid this type of practice.

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