It’s raining money in California !, but the LAW goes against those who collected it | VIDEO

As if it were a movie of Hollywood, a “money rain” generated road chaos California, state UnitedBut not because it hindered the visibility of motorists but because they saw the opportunity to get some extra tickets for nothing.

The question is, how is it that a significant amount of money appeared on the road? It all happened because a securities truck dropped two bags that contained it when it was passing through Carlsbad. This, after one of the doors was opened.

What happened with the money?

As is the case in many parts of the world, a truck suffers a accident and there is robbery, this time it was no exception. This is how people rushed to take as much cash as possible and disappear from the scene. However, the authorities were present at the scene and asked the people to return the money.

Those who managed to disappear from the place might think they got away with it, but in the end the police gave them 48 hours to return the tickets or else they would face an attack. accusation criminal.

How could they find the people who took the money?

Although it seems impossible to trace the people who inflated their wallets taking advantage of the situation, the local Highway Patrol and the FBI announced an investigation and mentioned that there is a way to find all the “ganones”. This would be possible thanks to the videos that have circulated in the networks social.

For now, the missing amount of the total money that was scattered on the road from where some people fulfilled the dream of their life, for a moment, of having many bills in their hands and even throwing them into the air, as if they had a life, is unknown. of artists or millionaires without worries.


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