iTunes for Windows presents an error that makes it unusable except in one situation

Apple has never forgotten iTunes when it comes to running it on the Windows operating system. Taking advantage of the fact that an update for mobile operating systems has been launched, the new version of this program has been launched for users of computers with Microsoft’s operating system. Nevertheless there has been a problem with this new version and it doesn’t work when Windows language is different from English. Apple is already working on a solution.

Once the new versions of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 have been launched, the new version of the iTunes program has also been launched, but for the Windows version. However, it does not seem that it has gone well because a problem has been detected and quite serious. Apparently If you have Windows operating system in a language other than English, iTunes will not work. It starts (in a few cases) but closes unexpectedly or does not even start and the user cannot connect to any device or perform any other operation with the program.

As reported by the Brazilian website Tecnoblog, some users have complained in the Apple Communities about an error in iTunes This error does not allow the program to open. An error message says that “iTunes cannot be launched because some of the necessary files are missing. Reinstall iTunes’.

The problem It doesn’t seem to come from the version of iTunes that is available from the Microsoft Store. Some users have tried to reinstall iTunes by downloading it directly from Apple’s website and still get the same error message. The problem lies in the management of the language files. As English is not detected as the base language, the program does not run.

Apple is looking for the solution and it is more than likely that a solution can be reached in the next few days. Through a new update, Apple hopes to solve this problem and provide a solution to the millions of users who use iTunes with Windows.

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