IVO Foundation transforms with HPE GreenLake and SCC

The Valencian Institute of Oncology Foundation (IVO) is a private non-profit entity whose assets and resources are fully allocated to the fight against cancer in all its aspects: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research and teaching. In fact, since its birth in 1976, IVO has been a benchmark in the treatment of oncological processes, offering as a monographic center comprehensive care for cancer patients.

In this context, Ignacio Galve, director of systems at the IVO, recalls the critical importance that technology plays in the organization in order to offer the best service to both medical staff and patients: “The IVO’s technological infrastructure must offer an up-to-date platform to the needs of the medical services that are located in the hospital. We must bear in mind that medical applications are very demanding in terms of reliability and performance, so we need to be up to date to continue offering the high level of services to which we are accustomed, in an environment as demanding as oncology”, Explain. In that “being up to date”, Ignatius Galve He comments that the IVO starts from a situation in which they needed to tackle several digital transformation projects that required investing in new infrastructure.

Planning without uncertainty

When starting these projects, the IVO is placed in the hands of SCC, a partner of the HPE specialized channel with whom they had previously worked. The main difficulty faced by the IVO was how to properly dimension the resources that are going to be needed over time without incurring extra costs.

In this way, Edward Portal, Account Manager at SCC, explains that “the IT department of the IVO had difficulties in forecasting the necessary resources since the capacities that were requested of them were changing over time and it was difficult for them to estimate them in advance.”

This lack of definition in the planning of resources means that, in order not to overstock infrastructure that could remain underused for a while, SCC recommends opting for a pay-per-use proposal, specifically, HPE GreenLake. Artur GradoliTerritory Account Manager Levante of HPE, affirms in this sense that “HPE GreenLake offers companies a cloud experience for their applications and data, in a modality that combines the advantages of the public cloud with those of an on-premises infrastructure, in a pay-per-use program.

State-of-the-art technology as a Service

Convinced of the advantages that this way of consuming technological resources could offer them, the IVO began its digital transformation process by transferring its server infrastructure to HPE GreenLake.

For this, it was decided to contract the main physical servers HPE Proliant DL, which support all the application servers of the institution, in this program. They started with two virtualized servers and have another four servers on their roadmap to bring to HPE GreenLake.

As Ignacio Galve explains, starting to work in this way has allowed them to enjoy an “on-premises infrastructure with all that this entails (infrastructure control, latencies, security…) without having to initially invest in the solution and without running the risk of wrongly dimensioning ourselves, either by excess or by defect”.

On the other hand, they have stopped worrying about the forecast of economic resources when it comes to renewing their technological infrastructure and after the success they have experienced in transferring their server infrastructure to HPE GreenLake, from the Valencian Institute of Oncology Foundation they have begun to trace plans so that all your backup and disaster recovery workloads become managed directly from HPE GreenLakecounting for it with the support of SCC.

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