IWG opens a new coworking in Barcelona to promote hybrid work

He hybrid work has positioned itself as a strategic ally of companies to promote well-being, family reconciliation, labor flexibility and care for the environment. In this sense, the IWG group, world specialist in flexible work spaces, has announced the opening of a new coworking center in Barcelonato respond to the growing demand for hybrid work spaces.

The new center, which opened its doors under the Spaces brand, is located in Via Augusta 123a few meters from Plaza Molina, in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district in Barcelona, ​​and is baptized as “Spaces Plaza Molina”. Likewise, it has a gross leasable area of ​​3,901 square meters, and has the capacity to accommodate more than 500 hybrid workers, those who distribute their workday in days at the office, from home, or from a flexible work center.

Like the other centers that are already present in Barcelona, ​​Spaces Plaza Molina seeks to inspire professionals, in a space that promotes productivity, networking with other workers and creativity. With this opening, the International Workplace Group confirms its leadership in the country as the largest provider of flexible work spaces, not only in Barcelona but also nationally and internationally.

This workplace is part of an expansion plan of the IWG group, to add 1,000 new centers in its global network, which is currently in 120 countries with around 3500 coworking spaces. In Spain, Spaces Plaza Molina joins the 60 locations throughout the country, under brands such as Regus, HQ, Signature and Spaces itself.

Recently, the group has also announced that it continues to be firmly committed to the Spanish market, and hopes to reach more and more provincial capitals such as Santiago de Compostela, Santander and Pamplona, ​​which join another 16 cities where they are already responding to the hybrid work boom. .

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Hybrid work as the key to retaining young talent

One of the challenges that this 2023 poses for companies, which has already been dragged on from previous years, is the possibility of retaining the youngest talent, those from the generation Z, those born between 1997 and 2012. In this context, according to a recent IWG study, 85% of “Gen Z” workers want an office close to home, while 51% want to be able to work from home, and 25% indicate that it is important to have a large office in the center of the city.

According to Philippe Jiménez, country manager of IWG in Spain: “We started 2023 with the focus on continuing to respond directly to the growing demand for hybrid workspaces, and we seek to reach more and more cities in Spain”. “This new center in Barcelona is yet another example that this year we will open the doors of coworking centers that will be key to the economic development of the region,” says Jiménez.

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