Izertis stays with the software development company Autentia

The consultant Izertis has announced the largest purchase operation in its history till the date. Is about authenticity, a Madrid-based company that specializes in software development and strategic technology services. With the purchase, the Autentia staff starts working at Izertis. There are 120 professional experts in development, business architectures, cloud services, microservices or integrations and deployments of various technologies.

The Autentia staff, with a presence in technological and software development, and experience in agile methodologies. In addition, it will contribute to Izertis its client portfolio, which belongs to sectors such as banking, energy, logistics, retail or airlines. The consultancy, with the acquisition, continues advancing in its strategy of complementing organic growth with inorganic growth.

Autentia will be integrated into Izertis in the midst of the consultancy’s growth phase, which has in its 2022-2023 Strategic Plan the objective of reaching 125 million euros in turnover, in addition to a normalized abitda of 12.5 million euros. Autentia, for its part, plans to close its 2022 financial year with revenues of 9.97 million euros.

His CEO, Roberto Canaleshas highlighted that «heThe union with Izertis will provide great synergies, increasing our ability to grow, while expanding the offer of specialized services in which we have already been working«. For his part, he CEO of Izertis, Pablo Martínhas pointed out that “this movement is a declaration of intent for the market at all levels. Thanks to him, we added to our project a highly-skilled technical team that, together with its portfolio of large-volume clients, will make it easier for us to penetrate more quickly into core sectors for our business development.”.

Martín has also recalled that with this incorporation, they increase «the strength of our structure to respond to growing market demand, while we focus on areas that represent a very relevant part of the technological investments of corporations at present and with a view to the future”.

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