Jack Dorsey to resign as Twitter CEO

It is expected that Jack dorsey soon present your resigns as CEO of Twitter, according to CNBC. At the moment it is not known when the announcement would be given or who could succeed as CEO also the founder of the popular rblue bird social ed.

This medium reports that the information comes from close sources and that for now Twitter has not commented on this information that began to circulate strongly this Monday morning; however, platform shares rose 11 percent.

Dorsey, who is currently CEO of Twitter, but also of Square, its digital payment company, has not commented on the matter, although this Sunday, he published in his official account that he loved his social network.

Dorsey’s long track record on Twitter

Jack Dorsey founded Twitter in 2006 and he was the executive director of his platform in 2008, when he was expelled from the position after the board decided that he did not have the capacity to direct the company or solve the problems that the social network presented when it was interrupted persistently. They also accused him of quitting work to attend yoga and fashion design classes. In his place was his partner Evan williams.

In 2011, investors determined that Williams was unable to run Twitter and appointed as CEO. Dick costolo; Jack Dorsey returned to the company as CEO, but focused on product development; By then Dorsey had founded Square, so he divided his time between the two platforms.

And that’s it By 2015, Jack Dorsey was appointed (again) CEO of Twitter, after the resignation of Dick Costolo. Since then, the social network of the blue bird has grown by leaps and bounds, although it is worth remembering that in 2020, some investors, including Paul Singer of Elliott Management, requested his dismissal as CEO, making him choose between Twitter or Square.

CNBC reported that it is not known if Dorsey’s supposed resignation will arrive in these days or in December, although it is worth remembering that this exit would make sense and that Dorsey would choose to stay at the helm of Square because he has recently been involved in projects related to cryptocurrencies.


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