Jack Dorsey’s biggest scandals during his tenure on Twitter

Deserved dismissal of your own startup

Dorsey founded Twitter in the year 2006, and it took just two years for him to be fired from his own company. Fate made him match Evan Clark Williams, who had founded Blogger and sold it to Google. Ev unsuccessfully tried to develop a podcast platform with Dorsey which failed. Finally, it would end working alongside Dorsey On twitter.

In 2007, Jack was named CEO of Twitter for the first time, but apparently the position was too big for him. She was always absent, unable to take on the slightest responsibility and would get out of the way to go to her yoga and design classes. His own colleague Evan was the one who would end up executing Order 66. Got fired when he found out that he didn’t even have a Twitter backup, putting the project in jeopardy in his hands. It was his own Ev who replaced him as CEO a year later.

Back, but in his world

Dorsey Return as CEO of Twitter in 2015, replacing Dick Costolo. Costolo’s management was by no means brilliant, but Dorsey’s new stage would be even worse. More controversial, less revenue and again, a CEO who I was not where I had to be.

Jack was back, yeah. But in spirit. His head was still in Square, the telephone payments company he founded after being fired in 2008. He did the same same mistakes than in its beginnings. He was never there and if he did show up, it was to apologize. The CEO this time seemed more focused on the world of cryptocurrency investments than running his business. His bio on the bluebird network has been simply “Bitcoin” for the past few years, clearly showing his preferences.

Also related to crypto, in mid-2020, a group of hackers took Twitter accounts of the country’s most famous moguls and personalities (Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Obama …) to make a massive scam with Bitcoin. The scam did not last long, but things did not improve when the press discovered that it had been a hack as such, but an attack by social engineering against their own Twitter employees.

Dorsey and the sold out of motorcycles NFT

Jack’s ‘crypto heritage’ has also created some controversy for him. The CEO has focused his last stage on the NFT. He started by selling his first tweet published on the social network for 2.9 million dollars. Subsequently, it has created an ecosystem to turn Twitter into a network where payment with cryptocurrencies is allowed and with a flat ground to develop the sale of NFTs.

For others, Jack’s real plan is to make noise. A plan agreed with other crypto investors to advertise Bitcoin and Ethereum, increasing their adoption – thus increasing the price – to fatten their huge investment portfolios.

Condemned Trump to digital ostracism

Politics has marked Dorsey’s final stage with neither more nor less than expulsion of Donald Trump of the social network. There had already been countless controversies during the 2016 U.S. elections, but the take of the capitol January 6, 2021 was the last straw.

Jack was not far from proud of the expulsion, but he scored a new debate that he would have loved to avoid. True, Trump had his account restricted many times for breaking the rules, but the ouster did the Twitter CEO automatically win several million enemies.

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