Jaime Altozano opens a door to classical music

If there is a current figure linked to the dissemination of classical music (and many other genres, of course), in my opinion is that of Jaime Altozano, the more than popular popularizing youtuber, who, based on perseverance and a job very well done, has managed to earn a very good reputation that is also intergenerational. Among its audience we can find people of all ages, all of them attracted by a very personal, different and entertaining way of talking about music. In my case, I am not ashamed to admit that I have learned things thanks to your videos.

A year ago now, Jaime Altozano’s eagerness to disseminate, always supported by his team of collaborators (whom he always recognizes and thanks for their work) made a quantum leap by creating Musichacks, an online course platform in which he presented his first two courses: basic piano and advanced piano, a very interesting proposal for those who want to learn to play the piano, but who want to do it from a more practical, intuitive training model and that allows to observe results in a faster way, thus stimulating the desire to continue learning.

The model proposed by Jaime Altozano and Musichacks to learn piano has proven to be the most effective, so for its first anniversary, now the creator has surprised us with a new training proposal that, I must admit, has left me the most surprised, and I bet the same will happen to many other people. And, as we can see in his presentation video, the new proposal by Jaime Altozano and Musichacks is a course to understand classical music.

As you can see, especially if you check the video, the proposal is, at the same time, particularly surprising and tremendously logical. As I already mentioned when I spoke of Jaime Altozano’s day, the combination of his knowledge and his great communication skills have managed to make musical dissemination attractive and fun for many users of all ages, so go a step further and offer a training proposal focused on classical music, as it turns out to make sense.

Yet seen from the outside, it is surprising and even a little daring (for the better, in my opinion). Classical music does not seem to be, at least in the first instance, a subject that currently arouses enormous interest in society, which tends to associate it with very specific moments and uses. And yet, given the work behind this course, it is clear that Jaime Altozano has made a big bet on this project.

I know that, in the first instance, defining this new course by Jaime Altozano with the word bizarre can be misinterpreted. For this reason, after dedicating this qualifier to it, I focus on the fact that the polysemy of this term generates a most peculiar situation. Recently the RAE has admitted its use as “Rare, extravagant or out of the ordinary”, which is added to its two original meanings, “Brave (Risky)” and “Generous, lucid, splendid”. Thus, qualify as bizarre the new course by Jaime Altozano el, at the same time, affirm that it is a brave, generous and, of course, out of the ordinary proposal. Bingo.

Jaime Altozano opens a door to classical music

Like most people who listen to classical music occasionally or, at least, irregularly, I sometimes do to navigate the memories of my student days, trying to identify pieces, authors, genres, periods, etc., just to confirm that my memory is not what it used to be, but also that two or three hours a week dedicated to memorizing pieces and genres, without a single clue to identify them, is surely not the most suitable method.

By courtesy of Musichacks I will be able to try Jaime Altozano’s classical music course (we will publish a review soon), but in the first steps of it, which I have taken before writing this news, in addition to meeting the unmistakable style of the popularizer, I have also already obtained some very interesting clues to identify periods simply by listening to the compositions. And, personally, I find that surprising, and worthy of mention … and also a bit bizarre, for being so out of the ordinary in an area that, as a general rule, is formal to the point of exhaustion.

The course to understand classical music by Jaime Altozano Already on sale, you can buy it on their website and its price is 59.90 euros, which provide unlimited and permanent access to the course, as well as to a group created specifically for the students of the same.

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