James Gunn explained why his films always have post credit scenes

James Gunn, director of The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy, revealed why all of his films contain post credit scenes, many times even more than one.

Also known as “stingers,” these additional scenes have become a mark of recognition for all of the MCU films, sometimes inserting entertaining scenes related to the protagonists while sometimes providing a clue for possible sequels.

James Gunn reveals the nature of the post credit scenes

Through a tweet, the director James Gunn revealed why at the end of all his films, there are one or two additional scenes in the credits.

The motivation is simple: Gunn noted how much work goes into making a feature film and everyone involved is featured in the credits. If the audience leaves the theater without seeing them, it is one less recognition for those who are committed to making the film. Therefore, the presence of these scenes guarantees the permanence in the room until the end of the film.

In recent years, the post credit scenes have spread more and more in films, series and video games. They do not always serve to anticipate what we will find in a probable sequel but sometimes they can be simple gags related to certain characters (like Baby Groot dancing in the Guardians of the Galaxy post-credit scene). The MCU made it a “trademark”, even though the first film to have a post credit scene was The Silencers, from 1966.

In big blockbusters the credits can be very long and the motivation of James Gunn it is more than significant. If the addition of these “stingers” can keep viewers in the hall to appreciate who worked on the film, then we will have more motivation to wait for them.

Let’s get ready, because on August 5th we will be able to find out which post credit scenes he has inserted Gunn at the end of The Suicide Squad. We can not wait!

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