James Gunn talks about the differences of working for Marvel and DC

James Gunn is one of the few people who can boast of having worked with i Marvel Studios that with DC Entertainment and, in a recent interview with the New York Times, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy is The Suicide Squad talked about the big differences in working with the two studios.

Here’s what the differences are between working with Marvel and DC (according to James Gunn)

The director revealed that “There’s no question Kevin Feige is a lot more involved in editing than the people at Warner Bros. He gives more notes. You don’t have to get them and I don’t always get them… The truth is, as Marvel progresses Kevin Feige begins to accumulate ownership of half of all films in general, and he’s more open. “

As for DC, the director explained that he has a less uniform approach to the films they make, stating that “This is one of the ways DC can distinguish itself from Marvel”.

James Gunn

Gunn then went on to explain that his work in the MCU is different from that of other Marvel directors, “But not as different as Shazam! and Suicide Squad “.

“I think the current group of people at Warner Bros. are really interested in building a world and creating something that is unique to filmmakers. We are in a strange moment, so anything can happen ”.

Gunn then spoke about DC’s approach to opening up the multiverse in the movies saying:

“I find that, due to the ability to do different things in the DC multiverse, it’s fun. They are starting to really look like their comics. The Marvel Universe has always been a little more cohesive, and DC has always had bigger single leads. They had Return of the Dark Knight. They had Watchmen. They had The Killing Joke. They had Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing. The fact that they made Joker, which is a completely different kind of movie, is great for me. I am very excited about Matt’s film (The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves). They are involving some really good directors. “

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