Java and Python can’t handle it: this language gives you a job for sure

choose one good career, with the largest number of career opportunities, is vital if we want to find a good job. And one of the options with the greatest outputs, within the IT sector, is programming. Every time companies are looking for more programmers to be able to develop their infrastructures to work better and, also, to be able to be present on the Internet. But not all programming languages ​​that we can learn have the same outputs. And, if we choose the one we shouldn’t, it’s easy for us not to find a job.

It is very important to know how to choose which programming language we want to specialize in. It is not the same, for example, to opt for very archaic system maintenance positions (such as banking networks, which are programmed in COBOL) for which there is some demand and very little supply (because people do not study it), or bet on the basic programming languages, such as JavaScript, Java, Python or C++, with which we will almost certainly find work, although there is a lot of supply of programmers.

However, a recent study by Stack Overflow has shown that none of the above is the language most in demand by companies. And it is that, if we want to get a secure job as programmers, the one we must study is…

Rust, the favorite language

Rust was born in 2010 as a compiled, general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language. And, despite all the other languages ​​that we could find on the web, the community showed great support for it, causing both users and companies to start betting on it when developing their platforms.

This programming language stands out, above all, for three aspects. The first of them is him performance, since it is a compiled language, without runtimes or garbage collectors, which makes it ideal for running on devices with limited power. The reliability It is the second fundamental aspect of this language, since it guarantees memory and thread safety, as well as a debugging system with which to detect almost any bug. And thirdly, the productivityas it has excellent documentation, an accessible compiler, and a host of additional tools.

For all this, and much more, Rust has been the most loved programming language by users for 7 consecutive years, ahead of others like TrueScript, Python or C#, which surely may sound more familiar to us. And, in addition to being the most loved, Rust is also the most demanded programming language by companies, being present in 17.6% of job offers, even ahead of Python, which is “only” present in 17.59% of offers.

It is true that, although Rust is the most loved and sought after programming language by companies, it is not the most used. JavaScript, HTML, Python and Java occupy the top positions in the ranking of the most used systems. But the offer to work with these languages, although high, is bad considering that they are languages ​​that everyone knows and with which everyone has experience, which makes it difficult to apply for a job. But with Rust, it’s different. A much-loved language, increasingly requested by companies, and without so many professionals controlling it.

A great opportunity to learn programming and find a secure job.

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