Jeremy Butcher on Apple Business Essentials as One More Help to Small Businesses

Apple’s Jeremy Butcher from Apple Marketing has discussed how Apple Business Essentials will work and how it will fit in with existing device management services. We already know that the new Apple is in beta and that the official launch will be next year. Apple Business Essentials is a service for small businesses, qIt will allow the management of hundreds of devices, including Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

Jeremy Butcher from Apple’s Education and Business Products Marketing department told Relay.FM’s “Mac Power Users” podcast that “Small business is key«.

Has continued argued:

There are a lot of people doing this who are very focused on big business. Part of the reason we saw the opportunity is that we think that for small businesses, they are not yet meeting their needs. This is a service that combines device management, storage and support in a single subscription, with the goal of helping small businesses address all the different things that come up through the use of Apple devices in their organization.

The service will have three simple plans that will allow companies to cover all employees and devices in their organization. Plans can be customized to support each user with up to three devices and up to 2 TB of secure iCloud storage, starting at $ 2.99 per month. But as we have said before, the service is currently in beta.

Butcher went on to explain that it holds true for small businesses because they are the engine of the everyday economy. Apple has established itself with this new project in those companies with up to 500 employees. It is already known that there are other solutions, but they do not seem to be incompatible with each other. In fact, the podcast states that “if they are using Mosyle or Jamf Now, or any kind of solution, and they are happy with it, we are delighted.” «It is not about going after this market in a competitive way«.

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