Joe Biden calls the new variant of Covid-19 ‘Omnicron’ and the networks did not forgive him | VIDEO

Due to the appearance of a new variant of Covid-19 that could be of consideration since it is more infectious, even above Delta, the governments of several countries are considering new measures to prevent the spread of this strain that was detected in Africa Recently.

Joe biden, United States’s president, sent this Monday a message on the national chain, to urge citizens to get vaccinated against coronavirus, since they offer protection and represent a tool to combat the disease that was not had almost two years ago, when the pandemic began.

He detailed that, unlike other nations, is not considering closing the borders again nor limit the entry of visitors to its territory, despite the fact that the World Health Organization itself (who) He reported that Omicron represents a “severe” riskas it could spread rapidly.

And he added that he would present “on Thursday” a detailed strategy to combat Covid-19 during winter, “Not with closures or confinements, but by expanding vaccination, booster doses, testing … If people are vaccinated and wear a mask, there is no need for confinement,” Biden said.

However, beyond the fact that Biden denied that the country is isolated and reiterated the call to be vaccinated, in social networks what really stands out in that at least on a couple of occasions he mispronounced the name of this new and worrying variant of Covid- 19.

“It’s called ‘Ómnicron'”The US president stated without rectifying that he had added a n to the nomenclature of the strain.

They scoff at Biden’s mistake

Obviously, the Video of Joe Biden calling the new strain ‘Omnicron’ went viral on social media and users started making fun of the bug. Some said the same thing had also happened to them when they learned that the WHO had already christened the variant Omicron, while others recalled the Cookie Monster and its peculiar “Om! Nom! Nom!” that was heard when he ate.

However, others were more severe with the president of the United States throwing ahead his age, as well as his inability to pronounce well the name of the strain. “Are you seriously surprised? This man should have been in custody for a long time for ‘murdering’ the English language,” tweeted a user named @JimmyJames 1958.

Some also managed to realize that the specialist Anthony Fauci, an advisor to Joe Biden and responsible for managing the pandemic in the United States, also called the variant ‘Omnicron’.


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