John Romero is working on a next gen game based on Unreal Engine 5

Younger players may be indifferent to the name John Romero. On the one hand it is normal, since his career and his fame sank after the failure of Daikatana, one of the biggest poofs in the world of video games, but being fair, we must recognize that, historically, he is one of the most relevant within the industry, not in vain was one of the fathers of gems like Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, DOOM II and Quake.

John Romero’s biggest mistake It wasn’t leaving id Software for Ion Storm, it was Daikatana and everything that surrounded both the development of said game and its promotion. Its launch was scheduled for 1997, but in the end it ended up arriving in the year 2000. Its graphic finish was not up to par (it used the Quake II graphics engine at a time when id Software had already released Quake III), the gameplay neither, and to add insult to injury, it came loaded with serious errors that ended up making it impossible to overcome some sections.

There is no doubt that Romero never managed to fully recover from said failureWe have proof of this in the fact that from the year 2000 its popularity plummeted and it ended up focusing on projects that did not have anywhere near the same impact as all the ones it had carried out in previous years. If we look at the present, we see that Empire of Sin is his latest title and that it has generated conflicting opinions. For some it is very good, for others it is very improvable.

With the history that this video game designer has, the truth is that I did not expect to see him at the head of a new generation project, and that is why I have been enormously surprised to see that has confirmed an agreement with a major publisher for develop a next gen game based on Unreal Engine 5. The information we have is quite scarce, but we know that it is a first-person action game, that it will be completely original (sorry if anyone wanted to see a Daikatana 2) and that it is in a pre-development stage, it is say, at a very early stage.

Although he has not expressly commented on it, but I think it is most likely that this new project will end up being exclusive to the new generation of consoles and PC, as Unreal Engine 5 is designed to take full advantage of those platforms. Yes, I know that it is also compatible with the old gen, but this would force Romero’s team to make important sacrifices on a technical level, since they would have to focus development on a base that would start from the limitations of Xbox One and PS4. Because of how green its development is, I think it is likely that it will not be announced until 2024 or 2025.

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