Johnny and a trip back in time on the March program

In this month of March, Netflix takes us back in time with Ryan Reynolds and the second season of the Bridgerton Chronicle.

Back to the Past in March on Netflix. It’s time for time travel on the platform, with Shawn Levy’s new film. We will also take a tour of England during the Regency period. The platform will also devote a documentary series to rock icon Johnny Hallyday. Here is the program.


  • The Guardians of Justice – 1st of March
  • His real face – March 4
  • Outlander (season 6) – from March 7
  • Astrological guide to broken hearts (Season 2) – March 8
  • The Last Kingdom (Season 5) – March 9
  • Formula One: Drivers of their destiny (season 4) – March 11
  • Funny – March 18

After Ten percent, Fanny Herrero returns to writing a French series. The showrunners will this time take an interest in the world of humor, following four young artists in search of glory. Between financial pressures, family tensions and romantic adventures, the road to success is strewn with pitfalls.

  • human resources – March 18
  • top boy (Season 2) – March 18
  • Forcasting Love and Weather – March 20
  • The Bridgerton Chronicle (Season 2) – March 25

It’s wedding season. After a successful first season, the series produced by Shondaland preparing for his big comeback. This time it will be a question of exploring the love troubles of Viscount Anthony Bridgerton. Determined to put the ring on his finger, the eldest of the family will have some disappointments when he falls in love with the big sister of his bride.


  • Adam through time – March 11

A pilot embarks on a journey through time to save the world, alongside the child he was and his missing father. A way for him to heal the wounds of the past, while ensuring a bright future for his whole family.

Directed by Shawn Levy (Free Guy), Adam Through Time features Ryan Reynolds in the lead role. The actor will play opposite Mark Ruffalo (avengers) and Jennifer Garner (A.k.a).

  • The very private life of Mr. Sim – 1st of March
  • Queen Margot – 1st of March
  • Quai d’Orsay -1st of March
  • Two brothers – 1st of March
  • The Bear – 1st of March
  • Baywatch: Baywatch – 1st of March
  • Fighting with my family -1st of March
  • Lol (laughing out loud) -1st of March
  • Ted 2 – 1st of March
  • The Repair Surface -1st of March
  • lost in the arctic – March 2
  • The Pirates: The Royal Treasure is Ours – March 2
  • Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots – 3rd of March
  • The Weekend away – 3rd of March
  • Marylin has black eyes – March 15
  • Insidious, the last key – March 15
  • The swimming pool – March 16

In March, Netflix devotes a collection to Romy Schneider. To accompany the event at the Cinémathèque française (March 16 – July 13), the platform offers the opportunity to (re)discover nine films that have marked the career of the actress, who has become an icon of the 7th art.

  • Christina – March 16
  • Things of life – March 16
  • Max and the scrap dealers – March 16
  • Caesar and Rosalie – March 16
  • The important thing is to love – March 16
  • A woman at her window – March 16
  • A furry friend – March 17
  • Black Crab – March 18
  • Much more than a goodbye – March 18
  • Backlash – March 18
  • Very Bad Trip 2 & 3 – March 30


  • Andy Wahrol’s Diary – March 9
  • Bad Vegan: Scam on the menu – March 16
  • Johnny by Johnny – March 29

An intimate story about the rock icon, the documentary series tells the singer and the man as he saw himself. Through interviews and unpublished archive images, the film directed by Alexandre Danchin and Jonathan, will return to the life of the singer who died in 2017.

For kids

  • Muscleman and the masters of the universe (season 2) – March 3
  • Chip and Potato (Season 3) – March 8
  • Team Zenko Go – March 15
  • Transformers: Botbots – March 25

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