Join the RECICLOS platform and help your city every time you recycle cans and plastic beverage bottles


It is very clear and demonstrated how important it is Recycle the huge amount of waste that we generate every day. Thousands and thousands of tons of waste and derivatives that managed properly and efficiently, can be reused again without harming the environment.

And to encourage such recycling individually, ecomembers has launched a platform to encourage the recycling that we carry out every day of cans and plastic bottles of beverages that we generate in our homes. Through an app on your mobile, you can now scan the barcode of each can or bottle, and when you throw them into the yellow container, scan the QR code of said container. It’s that simple you can get interesting prizes for you and your city.

Ecoembes is a non-profit organization that cares for the environment through the recycling and eco-design of light domestic packaging in Spain. Through its open innovation center TheCircularLabhas launched a project called RECYCLES to promote the recycling of packaging in private homes.

Scan the barcode on the plastic beverage cans and bottles you recycle

RECYCLES is a very ingenious idea. Through a mobile application, the RECICLOS platform aims to promote the recycling that we all do in our homes. You simply have to download the app, and every time you finish a can or plastic bottle that you are going to deposit in the yellow container on your street, scan the barcode on the container.

Once you have the light packaging bag filled and you throw it into the yellow container, you must scan in the same RECYCLING app the QR code what you will see in the container. As simple as that. The more cans and bottles you recycle, the more points you accumulate in your app account.

What is the point of accumulating points?

With the simple gesture of scan barcodes From the cans and plastic bottles of drinks that you throw in the yellow container, you accumulate points in the application. These points are exchangeable for local sustainable incentives, with which you can support and improve your closest environment: your neighborhood, your city or the quality of life of your neighbors. These incentives translate into draws for sustainable prizes, donations to NGOs or development projects in your community. It is the only return and reward system (SDR) that rewards responsible environmental behaviour.

This pioneering recycling system is already present in all regions of Spaincounting both with yellow containers that incorporate its technology and with machines located in other transport stations and shopping and leisure centers, thus facilitating the recycling of cans and plastic bottles of beverages generated inside and outside homes . Check if it is available in your municipality through containers or machines, consult it the website of the service linked at the beginning.

You can find the RECICLOS mobile application for free both for iOSon the AppleStoreas for Androidon the google play. So don’t think about it anymore, and put your grain of sand helping your neighborhood or your town with RECYCLES.

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