JoinHome, the ‘rental Tinder’, closes its first investment round

JoinHome has announced the closure of its first round of investment of more than 120,000 euros, in an operation led by the redlabs group. The startup calls itself the “rental tinder”, because its difference with the rest of real estate companies is that it eliminates the figure of the intermediary, thus avoiding the payment of high commissions.

The main objective of JoinHome is to democratize the rental between individuals in Spain, where more than 95% of the homes for rent are owned by small holders ”, comments Alberto Hortigüela, co-founder of JoinHome.

Besides the elimination of intermediaries, JoinHome optimizes the time spent in the rental, thanks to its system of macheo depending on the situations, needs and interests of both parties (owner and tenant) and ensures privacy for both parties so that their contact details are not public at any time.

All this, supported by third parties who have seen the potential of the startup and established a relationship. Among which are different Socimis, or the first solvency certifying entity in the market, Garantify.

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Currently, the strategy of optimization and technological development together with the acquisition and retention of users goes to a new phase, in which they are reinforced not only by the injection of capital, also by experience and know-how of your new investors.

“With this first round of investment we will continue with the objective of creating a circular ecosystem based on the rental life cycle and its different phases: contact, contract, services and payments”, says Luis Enrique Martínez, CEO and co-founder of JoinHome.

The secret of success

For the redlabs group, the success of the project lies mainly in the talent of the founding team, And that is why they have decided to bet on this startup with great potential that aims to revolutionize the real estate rental sector, whose model is reaping great successes in countries like the United States.

After talking with several interested parties in investing and participating in the project, and always maintaining the same criteria, we finally opted for this option, where not only is an interesting injection of capital made, but also great experience, contacts, and vision. from redlabs, who have shown that they want to have an active participation in JoinHome and who have been following the project for months”.

Looking into a second round, JoinHome continues to grow exponentially and It already has more than 10,000 registered users and more than 2,000 homes published. And it seems that good times are coming for the startup that seeks to facilitate the rental of homes for both owners and tenants. It takes momentum at an ideal moment in which the problem of empty properties is very present in society. Its progressive and constant growth makes us be very attentive to everything that may happen to this startup founded by the young Luis Enrique Martínez and Alberto Hortigüela.

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