Joker 2: the detail that many have overlooked after its announcement

We have been several months without news of Joker 2. So much so that many had already completely ruled out the idea that the film would ever be produced. However, things have changed after the Todd Phillips adwhich has confirmed on social media that they are working on a second part. The film already has a title, and that gives rise to the odd interesting hypothesis.

There will be Joker 2 and its title makes us reflect

did you need one sequel to joker? Many consider it unnecessary. The movie that Joaquin Phoenix starred in was really unrelated to the DC Cinematic Universe. His script, in fact, is not as based on the comics as it has been with batmanfor instance. joker It worked great as a stand-alone movie, much more serious and approaching the character from a unique perspective. However, after raising more than a billion dollars, it is not surprising that there is more than one interested in making a sequel. And, although Phoenix was not very keen on painting his face white again, it seems that they have managed to convince him, since the script for this new installment has already reached his hands.

The provisional name of Joker 2 is Joker: Folie a Deuxwhich translated into Spanish would mean ‘shared madness’ or ‘madness of two’. This could refer to a psychiatric term called shared psychotic disorder. Said disorder is defined as a condition that can be transmitted from one individual to another. And this is already generating a lot of debate on networks like Twitter. What do you mean by this concept?

A new Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

The option that people are considering the most is that in this new delivery it will appear harley quinnalthough yes or yes, it will have to be a independent character, so it would not be played by Margot Robbie. After all, the Phoenix Joker is disconnected from the DC Extended Universe, so combining different characters and stories will not be so easy.

The toxic relationship between Harleen Quinzel and the Joker It has been seen many times over the years. Already in the animated series of the 90s, the relationship between these two characters revealed this shared psychotic disorder between the lines, which was further enhanced in the suicide squad (2016).

Can there be another alternative? Set to dream, earlier this year, Willem Dafoe dropped an idea of a movie with two Joker, a real one and an impostor. The actor said it in an interview with the British magazine GQ, although originally, the comment was released after saying that he had a thorn in his side, which was never having played the Joker. It would certainly be an interesting film, although considering how little time has passed since that interview took place, it seems like an unlikely scenario.

With everything on the table, the most possible theory is that this new film will delve into the relationship between Arthur Fleck and Harley Quinnalthough keeping the style that we already saw in the original film and doing a more cult work.

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