Jony Ive signs an agreement to work with Ferrari

Jony Ive founded the LoveFrom company with Marc Newsom when the former left the Cupertino-based company in 2019. Despite the fact that in the announcement of his departure it was reported that both they would continue to collaborateIt seems that at the moment the supposed collaboration has never materialized.

The latest news related to Jony Ive can be found in the latest press release from the Ferrari firm. In this statement, they state that have reached a multi-year collaboration agreement with Sir Jony Ive and Marc Newson. At the moment it is not clear where Jony’s team will work at Ferrari.

Here we leave you a excerpt from Ferrari statement in which you have made this announcement:

The first expression of this new partnership will bring together legendary Ferrari’s performance and excellence with LoveFrom’s unrivaled expertise and creativity, which have defined extraordinary, world-changing products. Beyond the collaboration with Ferrari, LoveFrom will explore a number of creative projects with Exor in the luxury business.

Jony Ive and Marc Newsom claim to be “fans and admirers” of John Elkann, president and CEO of Exor and president of Ferrari.

We have been friends with John for many years and greatly admire his insight and vision. We are delighted to embark on such an important and long-term collaboration with Ferrari and, more broadly, with Exor.

As Ferrari owners and collectors, we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with this extraordinary company and, in particular, with the design team led by Flavio Manzoni. We see some exceptionally exciting opportunities to work together that we believe will lead to important and valuable work.

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