José Antonio Martínez, from Ventis: “We make it easier for SMEs to do business outside of Spain”

The Italian marketplace, Ventis, has already arrived in Spain, and does so under a well-known face in our country: the versatile Mario Vaquerizo, who is the new ambassador of the platform. This ecommerce has more than 1,000 brands available, ideal for all those who love “Made in Italy”, with products related to fashion, gourmet food and design and decoration.

And, is that, Italian fashion and design are synonymous with elegance throughout the world, with brands as well known as they are Diesel, Armani, Roberto Cavalli or Moschino. All of them offer their garments and articles through Ventis to Spanish clients, as well as other very popular brands in Italy that make their way in our country, thanks to the platform. Likewise, this marketplace has reached commercial agreements with the main international brands. For example, in the fashion section, customers can find clothing, footwear and accessories from brands such as Adidas, Gant, Aspesi, Dr. Martens, Benetton or Fendi.

MuyPymes was invited, the other day, to the opening party of the platform in our country, which took place in an emblematic restaurant in the financial center of Madrid. There, in addition to Spanish employees of the company, we were able to see Mario Vaquerizo who, together with the head of Ventis in our country, José Antonio Martínez Aguilar, they gave us some touches of this exciting project.

To delve more into the differential aspects of this online store, from MuyPymes we speak exclusively with the manager, who gave us more details about the brand.

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MuyPymes: What differentiates Ventis from other similar ecommerce platforms?

José Antonio Martínez Aguilar: The main difference lies in the benefit for Spanish consumers, since Ventis has an ecommerce with high quality products at competitive prices. The platform sells all kinds of articles from the fashion, home and gastronomy sectors. In this sense, Ventis offers articles from the main Italian brands, but also from other Spanish, American, French and other countries.

The platform will also make it easier for SMEs to grow their businesses outside the country’s borders. In this sense, ecommerce has become one of the main tools for small and medium-sized exporting companies, since it allows them to save costs and reach an international audience, to which they would not otherwise have access.

In order to retain its customers, the platform offers some special advantages for those users who spend more than € 1,000 in annual spending on Ventis. These regular customers will enjoy benefits such as a € 50 discount voucher or free shipping on all their purchases.

MuyPymes: What audience is Ventis targeting?

We believe that Ventis is a platform created for anyone interested in gourmet products, fashion and decoration. However, in the definition of the profile, women between the ages of 25 and 50 stand out.

The platform is ideal for all those who love “Made in Italy” and new trends, as well as for the curious who want to discover new brands that are not for sale in Spain, but are widely recognized in Italy.

MuyPymes: What technological structure does your ecommerce support?

Both security and hosting are outsourced to one of the main players in the market. Regarding payment gateways, we have our own technology from digital wallet developed by the engineers of Sweeft Digital, the company recently acquired by Making Science in Georgia, as well as the partnership with the most important payment tools on the market (Paypal, Applev Wallet …).

Making Science bought Ventis in April

The Italian ecommerce was acquired by Making Science last April, for a value of 9.5 million euros and, with this, it was made easier that it is now available to both SMEs and Spanish buyers.

Ventis, created in 2016 by the group ICCREA, one of the financial groups with the most presence in Italy, has become one of the most complete European marketplaces. Ventis sells all kinds of articles from the fashion, home and gastronomy sectors. On this platform you can find articles from the main Italian brands, but also from other Spanish, American, French and other countries.

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