José María de la Torre: “HPE is the company from the edge to the cloud with an as a service platform like GreenLake”

Jose Maria de la Torre, President and CEO of Spain, and Managing Director of Southern Europe at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, confirmed in a meeting with the media that HPE remains firm with its value proposition that responds to three of the major trends in the IT market : Edge, Cloud and Data.

“HPE has become the company from the edge to the cloud and is the nexus of the main mega-trends in the market. Each of them, as well as the growing demand from customers to consume IT as a service, represent significant areas of growth for HPE, “said José María de la Torre.

HPE’s Edge-to-Cloud strategy uniquely helps customers bridge the present with the future, unifying service delivery across all their multi-cloud environments so they can get more value from their data.

José María de la Torre believes that “with a leadership strategy, from the edge to the cloud, and with the appropriate financial architecture, our long-term proposal places us in an indisputable leadership position. Our financial model shows a growth of between 3 and 4 percent for fiscal year 2022 ”.

HPE GreenLake, the edge-to-cloud platform

In 2021, HPE has made significant progress in its strategy to become the global edge-to-cloud company, and the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform is the cornerstone of this new model. In fact, there are already more than 1,200 HPE GreenLake customers in the world, and it is consolidated as an area of ​​growth of the company.

Recently, HPE announced new cloud services for the HPE GreenLake platform that provide its customers with new capabilities to drive the digital transformation of their applications and data, innovate with agility and reduce costs. These new services transform and modernize the critical applications that organizations depend on to run their businesses.

As an integral part of this proposition, HPE offers open and unified analytics cloud services to modernize all data and applications everywhere – on-premises, at the edge, and in the cloud. In addition, the new services help protect customer data from the edge to the cloud and stand up to cyberattacks and ransomware. Additionally, HPE accelerates the adoption of cloud operating models anywhere with a trusted framework, data-driven automation and intelligence tools.

These innovations further accelerate HPE’s transition to a cloud services company and offer enterprises and institutions more options, with the most Liberty and security, to achieve your goals, with an open and modern platform that provides a cloud experience with maximum security anywhere.

HPE CDS Tech Challenge, in search of talent

On the other hand, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has launched the HPE CDS Tech Challenge, a proposal that aims to identify and develop talent among young people from universities and vocational training centers throughout Spain.

HPE CDS Tech Challenge is an initiative that encompasses a whole series of activities and technological challenges to be solved by 243 participants divided into 54 teams who must pass tests oriented to the world of software development, algorithms and logic. HPE CDS Tech Challenge kicks off this November to end in a great challenge in the form of a hackathon that will take place on the weekend of April 23 and 24 in Madrid.

“At HPE we have a firm commitment to developing STEM talent in our country, and to increasing the number of IT professionals prepared to grow companies and improve government services for citizens. We continue to bet on turning Spain into a digital hub for the provision of technological services ”, explains José María de la Torre.

The main theme of the challenges posed by the HPE CDS Tech Challenge is “Greetings from the Extreme”, one of HPE’s current campaigns, starring a city of the future called Anthem. Throughout this program, students will be able to learn the secrets of this city, they will contribute to improving the environment and they will learn to use technology to create a better world.

These challenges will be divided into three phases, the first of which will last for 4 months. Each month a challenge will be presented and posted on the website created especially for the HPE CDS Tech Challenge. Each activity will have clues and information that will be disseminated through social networks and will help with the resolution of each test. The second phase will start in March, at which point a challenge will be proposed and each team will have 1 month and a half to find the solution to it.

The five best teams will pass this phase and go to the final, the hackathon, during which they will have to solve development tests of both software and hardware.

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