Jot down ideas or take hidden notes with this Photoshop feature

The first thing we should know is that this program is not free, however, it is capable of meeting our expectations in both professional and domestic environments. In addition, the developer firm tries to make things much easier for us when designing and editing photos from here. That does not mean that it is a simple program, everything will depend on the level of depth we want for our project. In the event that we need to carry out simple editing tasks, it will not cost us too much.

And it is that the program itself presents us with a series of predefined tools and functions which greatly automate these photo editing tasks. However, as we get to know the basic tools and deepen them, we will become aware of the complexity of this program. Not in vain it is one of the most used in the world that is present in many computers. This is an Adobe application that has a very extensive set of tools. In addition, each of them has a good collection of customizable settings and options.

Locate and activate Photoshop’s Notes tool

Among the many functions that we find in this photo editing program, one of the most helpful in certain cases is the so-called Notes tool. This is precisely what we are going to focus on next and that we are going to show you how to use it and get the most out of it. How could it be otherwise, the first thing we have to do is locate it to be able to use it in our project. As a general rule, this is a functionality that we should find in the toolbar that comes by default in the program.

This is the one that is located in the left part of the main window and that is placed vertically. Here we should find an icon in the shape of a notebook sheet that refers precisely to the Notes tool. However, this is a program that has a multitude of customizable functions, including the functions that we want to have on the screen. It may be the case that the icon that we mentioned does not appear, but this is something and we solve it quickly. We just have to go to the window menu and mark the notes option that we see in the list that appears.

At that time we will see the icon that interests us appear in the bar previously mentioned to be able to access the function with which we are going to work. It goes without saying that this particular functionality will be of great help to us when adding notes to your images easily and quickly.

Why use this function in photo editing

The first thing we should know is that the Adobe For several versions, it has offered us the possibility to work with certain hidden information. This can be extremely useful when working with our images, we are specifically referring to metadata. However, when working in a more professional and current way with this type of hidden information, it is preferable to use the Notes tool. Some of you may not yet know about this useful functionality of Photoshop.

But now that we are going to talk about it, it is likely that they will use it to be much more interesting. When it comes to editing photos, there are many steps and sessions that we carry out in the same project. Therefore, it will never hurt that we can add comments and ideas of our own in the form of notes that are attached to that image. We tell you all this because this tool will serve us precisely for that. Specifically, it offers us the possibility of adding comments, or instructions to the project in which we are working in the Adobe program.

notes icon

How Notes works in the Adobe program

It is also important to know that these new elements with which we are going to work in the beginning are visible in the image itself. But being for your own use, these objects are not printable. With this we want to tell you that, if later we are going to print this project with attached notes, either on paper or another file, these will not appear.

In fact, thanks to this functionality we deal with objects that we can create, edit, or delete whenever we need to. At the same time they will not be very useful when leaving notes, ideas or orders to other people who are working on it. editing project.

How to add notes to your images in Photoshop

Once we know all this that we have told you, to add a note to an image we are working on in Photoshop, we click on the icon described above. This can be found in the toolbox of the program in the form of a written sheet. Thus, once the Notes tool we are talking about is selected, we are going to place it in the image we are working with. To do this we just have to click on the exact place of the Photography loaded on the desktop where we want to add it.

By clicking on it, we will see how a new element is added in the color that we have predefined for the note. This has the form of a small window where we can write the contents that we want in the form of text. We type this in the small window that is located on the right side of the job desk default. In fact, it is called Notes, so this will be where we can see all the contents of the different notes that we are attaching to the project.

text notes

Edit the content of multiple annotation items

In this same small window, just below the text box that we mentioned before, we find two arrows to move between the different notes created. In this way we will have the possibility to edit the content of each of these in a simple way. It is also worth knowing that we have the possibility of assigning different color tones to each of these objects.

delete notes

On the other hand, by the time we’re done with our photo editing work, we may want to remove all of these notes. We achieve this by simply clicking on the Delete all button that is located at the top of the work desk.

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