Journey of Repairing Virus-Infected Video Files

I work in a company where we use videos as a medium to market our products. I saved all the necessary videos in an E drive on My laptop. Unfortunately, all of the videos were corrupt due to virus infection. I could not play any of my videos, which made me anxious as I had to post those videos the next day! I tried a few DIY solutions hoping that I would get back my videos. But unfortunately, I was not able to repair the corrupt videos. So, I searched for a video repair tool to repair my damaged videos without wasting any more time. 

I tried 5 to 6 video Repair tools among them, and one of the video repair software solved my problems in just a few clicks. So I decided to write my journey about how I repaired my corrupt video files without any further damage.

In this article, I will explain my journey of repairing Virus infected videos.

How I confirmed that my Videos are affected by Virus

Firstly, My laptop started acting weirdly and showed the below-mentioned symptoms

  • Windows popped up unexpectedly
  • Random Sounds with Warning Messages like your PC is infected require cleaning, click on the message to get back the files, etc.
  • Random Changes in the folders
  • Slow operation of the computer

Considering the above signs, I got a hint that my laptop is affected by a virus. Without any delay, I checked my drive, where I saved my video by following the below steps:

  •  Right-click on the drive
  • Select Scan with Microsoft Defender

Now you will see the scan page, which lets you know the scan result.

I got confirmation that a virus has infected the drive where I saved my videos. To cross-verify that, I tried to play a few videos, but as expected, the videos were showing errors and symptoms of corruption which I have mentioned in the below section.

Symptoms of virus-infected Videos

Visual artifacts:This is the most common sign of video corruption. In the video, you might see blocks or lines of distorted images, color shifts, or missing pixels.
Audio distortion:Suppose the audio is out of sync with the video or has a lot of noise, it can be a sign of video corruption.
Freezing or stuttering:When a video freezes or stutters, the data is not being processed correctly, which can be due to corruption in the video file.
Playback issuesIf the video file does not play at all or plays only partially, it could be due to corruption in the file.
Error messages    If you receive error messages while trying to open or play a video file, it could be a sign of corruption.

VLC Media Player for the Rescue

I tried VLC media player to repair corrupt files, as VLC is one of the open-source media players which repairs minor corruption in videos. So I decided to give it a shot.

  • Open VLC Media Player
  • Click on Media and choose Convert/Save

  • Now, select the file format you want to convert
  • Click on Browse to select the folder where you want to save the file
  • Click on Start

But it was a failure; by now, I understood that trying a DIY solution would be useless in repairing severely corrupt videos. So I searched for video repair software to repair damaged videos without wasting any further time.

I tried  4 to 5 video repair tools, and among the five video repair software, the Remo Video Repair tool came to the rescue, which satisfied all the requirements.

What to Consider in a Video Repair Tool

  • Check for the reviews in Trustpilot
  • Make sure that the Video Repair software is from a trusted brand
  • Experts’ view about the product
  • Pricing of the Video Repair Software

Considering the above criteria, Remo Video Repair software is the most repaired corrupt videos.

  • Check for the reviews in Trustpilot.

Source: Trust Pilot

  • Make sure that the Video Repair software is from a trusted brand.

The Remo Video Repair tool is the most renowned software with 10+ million downloads.

  • Experts’ view about the product

  • Pricing of the Video Repair Software

The pricing of the Remo Video Repair software is

  • 6 Months Licence –  $79.97
  • 1 Month Licence – $69.97
  • Lifetime Licence – $199.97

Remo Video Repair software satisfied all the criteria among all the video repair software in the market. 

Repair Virus infected videos using Remo Video Repair Software

Steps to Repair Virus infected videos

Step 1: Download and Launch Remo Video Repair Software; select the corrupt video file by clicking Select File.

Step 2: Click on the Repair option.

The software will quickly repair your video file and return it to Preview. However, your video is severely corrupted. In that case, the software will ask you for the Reference video file to do the advanced repair of your video.

Step 3: If you are satisfied with the video repair, Save the Video files to the desired location.

Features of Remo Video Repair

Remo Video Repair has the most user-friendly features that anyone can use with ease.

1. Repairs videos of any file format:

 Remo Video Repair software repairs videos of all file formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc., on both windows and Mac, irrespective of the scenarios like corrupt video, Frozen video, or Choppy video.

2. Repairs Videos from Any Device:

 With a highly skilled development team, the Remo Video Repair tool repairs videos shot on all devices, be it, Digital cameras, DSLRs, Android Phones, iPhones, etc. 

 Suppose you are a photographer or a videographer. In that case, you might have faced video corruption while transferring videos from an SD card or any computer. In that situation, Remo Video Repair is your savior.

3. Ensure Safe Repair Of the Video

 If you work in the video industry, videos are essential. However, the corruption of video will be a nightmare. You will need software like Remo Video Repair that can safely repair the severely corrupt video. Remo video repairs corrupt video by working on read-only mode. The Remo Video Repair tool asks for the reference file only if the video is severely corrupted; otherwise, it doesn’t ask for a reference file.

4. Preview Repaired Videos

One of the most impressive features of the Remo Video Repair tool is that you can preview the files before saving them.  

Remo Video Repair Software helped me repair the virus-infected video files, and I could post the video on time. I was impressed with the software. It dragged my attention to look into the company’s website, so I opened it out of curiosity; there, I learned about the wide range of products they have. The products will also do a fantastic job, like the video Repair tool.

Suppose you ever end up in a data loss scenario. In that case, you can try the Remo Softwares product without any second thought.


I hope my journey of Repairing Virus infected videos helped you. Remo Video Repair software is one of the best tools to repair corrupt videos of any file format and scenario. I would strongly suggest you give it a shot, and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Always remember to have a backup of the video to avoid getting into this situation, and always have an antivirus installed.

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