Juan Roig enters the world of cryptocurrencies with an investment in Criptan

The Spanish platform for the sale of cryptocurrencies, Criptan, has closed a financing round of 3.5 million euros in which Juan Roig has participated through his investment company, Angels. In addition, it has also attracted young youtubers such as WillyRex and Vegetta777.

The cryptocurrency business is booming and the good nose of businessman Juan Roig has bet on this business through his investment company, participating in the financing round of Cryptan.

This cryptocurrency trading platform has managed to close this round of financing with 3.5 million euros that have put an end to a great 2021. Criptan already has about 25,000 registered users, 21,500 more than in 2020, growing more than one 600%, and last year alone it reached a transaction volume of 114 million euros.

These figures have also caught the attention of other investors who have joined this latest round of financing. This is the case of Ángel Corcóstegui, former CEO of Banco Santander, or José María Castellano, former vice president and CEO of the Inditex group.

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Along with this support, Criptan has also managed to attract new generations and has also had the investment of young youtubers such as Guillermo Díaz (WillyRex) and Samuel de Luque (Vegetta777), who have 35 and 32 million followers, respectively.

Likewise, the firm has also counted on the investment of the founders of Team Heretics, one of the largest eSports teams in the world, Antonio Catena, Arnau Vidal and Jorge Orejudo; as well as the co-founder and CEO of CoverWallet, Iñaki Berenguer, and the Draper B1 fund, as lead investor.

Criptan’s proposal

The success of this round of financing has gained significant support for their business vision of how cryptocurrencies they will change the way people interact with money.

As the CEO of Criptan, Jorge Soriano, points out, it is a great effort since they have sought to link the company with the most relevant people in their sector. “For us, investors not only represent an economic injection, but they represent many more things and, in one way or another, they are part of the team and our philosophy”, highlights the person in charge.

After this recruitment of great exponents of the financial and digital sector at the national level, Criptan makes a very positive balance of the evolution experienced in the last year in which they have also managed to launch new services. One of them is CriptanCard, a debit card designed together with Mastercard, which allows you to pay at any establishment using cryptocurrencies.

Likewise, the firm has also created CryptanEarn, a new service that allows obtaining returns on crypto assets of up to 4.8% in the case of Staking ETH 2.0, and a return on USDC, a stablecoin anchored to the value of the dollar.

Undoubtedly, great steps that now Criptan wants to make known also thanks to this round of financing “Because we are convinced that, through cryptocurrencies, we can improve the day-to-day life of our users. Always having as maximum the closeness, simplicity and transparency “, highlights Jorge Soriano.

Alongside this goal, Criptan, powered by the Shuttle accelerator, also has expansion plans to whom he hopes this round of investment will contribute. The firm will open operations in Mexico shortly, as well as in other Latin American countries throughout 2022.

With all this, the firm seeks to take advantage of the moment that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is going through, for which they are already closing agreements with large brands to bring their advantages to the whole world.

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