Jurassic Park: a cat replaces the T-Rex and the video goes viral

Do you know the scene from Steven Spielberg’s cult movie from the 90s in which the two vehicles stop in front of the fence of the T-Rex and, once Nedry’s electric fences are turned off, the ruckus ensues? What if, instead of the fearsome dinosaur, in the scene of Jurassic Park there had been a cat?

A black cat is the new protagonist of a memorable scene from Jurassic Park, and the video goes viral

A premise as absurd as it is funny that, created by a channel entirely dedicated to the montages of a black cat that creeps into the most famous scenes of the films (you absolutely must see the one dedicated to Ghost), has also quickly become viral.

The video, which you can find a little further down, has in fact collected over 8 million views and over half a million likes in one week.

Now, I’m not the cat video type, but I have to admit that OwlKitty’s work is really fun (there’s also a final bonus scene with Alan Grant that… well, I don’t want to spoil the surprise).

You can take a look at it directly below:

You can find more fun videos of OwlKitty’s cat on this green screen genius’ YouTube channel, including a behind-the-scenes video of his best videos.

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