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When we talk about these streamers that we refer to, we are actually talking about the content creators who offer us online broadcasts. Whether in real time or recorded, they make us spend Hours and hours of entertainment based on a certain type of content. There is no doubt that the aforementioned platform Twitch, possibly the best known and used in this regard, is one of the main meeting places for both streamers and their followers.

Well, once we know all this, we must be clear that there are some content creators of this type who do it for entertainment or as a hobby. At the same time, many others want to monetize their creations thanks to their followers. Therefore, the more they manage to hoard, the more chances they have of earning money for those videos via streaming. Obviously this can only be achieved generating quality content and managing to attract the largest possible audience.

In order to reward our favorite content creators on Twitch, we can always make use of Bits. For us to understand each other, we must bear in mind that these Bits are really the virtual currency from Twitch. We can buy this with real money and its main objective is to serve as donations to our favorite streamers. The biggest problem with these elements is obvious, and that is that, to get them and donate them, we will have to spend real money from our pocket.

Precisely for all this, below we will show you a couple of tricks to get these Bits for Twitch for free.

Get Free Twitch Bits with Ads

One of the systems we have to earn these virtual items and donate them to our favorite content creators without spending a single euro is through advertising. We can get some of these virtual elements visualizing short advertising videos within the platform itself. Of course, we must bear in mind that this is only available in some regions. If we are lucky enough to be able to view this video advertising content in our country and earn some Bits for free, we are in luck.

bit twitch

Otherwise we always have the possibility of connecting to the streaming platform through a vpns and thus circumvent the regional restriction. In this way we will have the possibility to connect virtually through the countries with this availability and start consuming ads.

Get these digital goods from an app

At the same time we have the possibility of obtaining these virtual goods that we are talking about, but in this case from the mobile. Specifically, we are referring to the application for Android-based devices, Google Opinion Rewards. You can download this from the official store of the search giant.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards

Here we will only have to register our account and fill in the data fields that are required for its start-up. Actually, here we find an app to fill out surveys that we receive from time to time and this allows us to generate our own balance in the Google Play Store.

At this point, we must bear in mind that the Twitch platform allows us to buy the aforementioned bits using this payment method, the Google Play. This means that the elements accumulated by filling out surveys can be used in the streaming video service to donate to our favorite streamers if we want.

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