Kamilo and CJ’s relationship theory from Animal Crossing

Happy home paradise is the new Animal Crossing expansion for Switch. The game is very similar to Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer, which came out in 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS, only now it is added to the main game and fully adapted to its plot.

If we get hold of this DLC, we will fly to the Paraíso Archipelago, a set of highly varied islands, with different vegetation, climate and landscape. We will work creating vacation stays for different characters depending on the demands that they ask of us. Our first step will be to choose the most appropriate island to mount the resort.

Kamilo and CJ, roommates?

Kamilo (Fing in English) and CJ are two special characters that appear in New Horizons. Kamilo it’s chameleon bug collector, and it will give us a very generous amount of berries that we have managed to catch. Secondly, CJ it’s a expert fishing beaver that usually challenges us to catch a certain number of fish each time it appears on our island.

One thing that caught the attention of the most curious is that CJ and Kamilo refer to each other as “partner”. Some users wanted to investigate this and discovered that both CJ and Kamilo are business partners, but everything seemed to indicate that they were much more than that.

After much research, the users finally put together all the possible lines of dialogue of these two characters. They discovered that both have known each other since childhood, that CJ is an expert in love because of the amount of advice he gives and that more than partners, what they could be is housemates.

Nintendo confirms fan theory

Now, Happy home paradise has finished confirming the theory that fans have been building for over a year. On Happy home paradise, once you have some experience creating the resorts, the player can assign a house to a couple of neighbors to share the vacation home you have created.

However, the user @quoththekackdaw has posted on Twitter that this rule is not followed with Kamilo. If we assign a resort, the chameleon will tell us that it is done living with someone. He will ask us to invite that character, who does not will be other than CJ. When we say yes, Kamilo will be especially excited by our response. Kamilo’s father will also tell us that he is very happy with the relationship that exists between his son and the beaver, and it does not seem that he refers precisely to their being partners.

Evidently, Animal Crossing it has no relationship mechanics personal no romances, but it is quite a detail that Nintendo has been encouraged to take this small step, since there had not been such a case so far. And, although they will not confirm the obvious with the words we want to hear the game, unfortunately, could be banned in many territories to be confirmed, We can go applauding that Nintendo is opening a little the closed and Japanese mentality that it has shown us so far.

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