Karaoke comes to Spotify: this is how the new “Lyrics” option works

Spotify It is one of the most popular applications for listening to music, and it is also constantly implementing updates to improve the experience with the end user. Although it recently had failures in its servers, this does not imply that they are always looking for news for it.

The music and the lyrics of the songs is something that people constantly look for on the internet, either to know in detail the content of the music or even to sing them, Spotify he realized this and went to work to create a new feature that combines the best of both worlds.

Now, this popular music app will have the ability to display song lyrics as karaoke, that is, as the music progresses, the lyrics will be shown, all so that people no longer have to resort to other systems that perform this function.

In collaboration with Musixmatch, Spotify has launched this new update, which will be available in millions of songs and in more than 50 languages, also available in countries such as: Spain, Mexico and Argentina, later reaching other countries in the world, available in Android, iOS, Windows Mac OS.

For activate this function on televisions, it will be necessary to scroll to the corner of the right button to the letter button and select Activate letter. Once activated, the letter will appear on the screen, although you will not have the integrated option to share on social networks.

How does the new Karaoke tool work on Spotify?

While the song is playing, all you have to do is press the new lyrics button to be able to see them. The good news is that, on the other hand, if you are an independent artist you will also have this function, it will be enough to synchronize your lyrics on the Musixmatch platform.

All these functions were used for Instagram stories that included music, now they are combined on the platform, directly from Spotify, making everything operate more easily, on all platforms and with just pressing the lyrics button.


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