Kbox Sales Tools closes its second investment round to boost sales analysis

Kbox SalesTools continues to grow and can now certify completion, for 200,000 euros, from his second round of investment. The Oryon Universal innovation ecosystem has been the great architect of the round.

This second injection of capital represents for Kbox a 50% valuation increase with respect to its first round, closed in 2020, and will allow the startup to develop its technology and consolidate its product in the market.

Kbox is a Spanish startup based in Barcelona that has developed a sales analysis platform designed to increase the commercial profitability of companies. Thanks to its own methodology, based on artificial intelligence, it provides corporations with precise information on what to sell, to whom to sell and how to sell their products and services.

“We try to simplify the sales intelligence processes”, explains Lluís Vilella, CEO and founder of Kbox SalesTools and with experience of more than 20 years in consulting to Spanish SMEs. The company aspires to evolve current sales analysis systems, to “Help companies to make decisions and establish strategies that allow a return on their investment in the short term”.

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Oryon Universal’s support

Vilella highlighted in this round the support received from Oryon Universal: “The objectives and philosophy of Oryon align perfectly with those of KBOX, so we are convinced that they will help us lay a solid foundation to achieve the growth and expansion goals of our company”, which are, in the medium term, to position itself as a national leader in the field of sales intelligence and, in the long term, to consolidate itself in the European and Latin American market.

With this new operation, Oryon Universal reinforces its role in supporting startups in seed phases that want to boost their growth, in this case in the field of sales intelligence. “The commitment to Kbox responds to a clear strategy of offering corporations a sales analysis methodology to date unknown, improving the information on which to make business decisions with a unique tool in the market”, explains Victor Giné, CEO of Oryon Universal.

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