Keep the subtitles always in sync in VLC with this trick

Despite the huge number of alternatives that we can use at the moment, this multimedia player is considered one of the leaders in the sector. The reasons for all this are various, but we can highlight the enormous functionality that it presents. In addition, it is a valid program for both novice users who do not want more than a player, even the most advanced who want to control this process as much as possible. Everything will depend on the level of depth that we want to carry out in its functionalities, the VideoLan program that you can download for free.

Likewise, we could say that this is a software solution with which we will have practically no problems related to the compatibility. It generally supports practically all the audio and video formats that we can load in VLC. Although it may be a bit heavier software than other similar proposals, in most cases we will not have any type of failure in the reproduction of video content.

However, we can find some inconvenience when it comes to playing certain films, series or documentaries on other languages. We refer to that which causes us so many headaches such as poor synchronization between the subtitles and the image. Surely on more than one occasion you have experienced this annoying feeling of desynchronization.

Synchronize subtitles with image in VLC easily

Probably in other current and older multimedia players, the solution to this problem is to download another version of the subtitles. However, the VideoLan program we are talking about now offers us an interesting trick to solve this error.

Therefore, not the assumption that we start playing a certain video content and add subtitles to it, we have the possibility of synchronizing them. First of all, we must bear in mind that, if the Subtitle they are already integrated into the video file itself, there is no solution here. The trick Which we will talk about next is used to adjust the synchronization in the event that both files work independently, on the one hand, the image and on the other the text of the subtitles.

Well, in this case that we are going to tell you, the first thing we have to do is go to the main interface of the program and click on the option Tools. In the list that appears we opted for Effects and filters, which will lead us to a new configuration window. Now we just have to go to the Synchronization tab.

in it we are going to find a series of gauges that we can customize to adjust the elements in play. And is that this bad synchronization can occur with both the audio and the image, so we find independent controls to adjust them. Here we recommend that you go modifying these values ​​that by default come to zero depending on the level of desynchronization. In addition, we must distinguish well if this is due to the audio with the image. At the same time we will have the possibility to indicate to the program the speed at which we want the text subtitles to be shown.

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