Keep the taskbar clean with the help of these programs

Either one way or another, the truth is that these applications are ideal if we tend to work with many applications open on the taskbar. Since filling it completely can cause chaos that prevents us from carrying out our tasks with the necessary comfort. They will also be especially useful if we work in the office and want to avoid the gaze of curious, since we can hide windows that no one can see active unless we are sitting in front of the PC.

Applications to always keep it tidy

Next, we are going to see a series of programs that will allow us to keep our Windows taskbar clean and tidy.

RBTray, send the applications to the system tray

This simple and practical application runs in the background and with which we can send any application that we have open to the system window. To do this, we can right-click on the application to minimize and select Minimize in Tray or by pressing the Windows keyboard shortcut + Alt + down arrow. To be able to restore it, just right-click on the window housed in the tray and select Restore Window.

In addition, this program can also be useful to us to force the closure of all open programs or to place any visible application above the others so that we can work with it comfortably without it being hidden.

RBTray is an open source application and can be downloaded for free by clicking on this link to its page on GitHub.

MinimizeToTray, discrete manage apps

With this simple program we will be able to send any program to the system tray so that it remains in the background, preventing it from being visible and being able to restore it at any time. It is an application that is characterized by being discreet helping us to manage all windows that we have open in the taskbar. For convenience it also allows you to perform the task by using hotkeys.

The handling is quite simple and we can hide any application that we have active by pressing Alt + F1, restore it at any time with Alt + F2 or restoring all the programs at the same time by pressing F10. From its Settings section, it will be possible for us to customize the keyboard shortcuts so that we can adapt them as best suits us.

MinimizeToTray is a portable application, so it does not require installation to work and can be downloaded for free from its page on GitHub.

Hide Window Hotkey, hide programs in a personalized way

We are talking about an application that allows us to hide programs by using buttons or keyboard shortcuts or from the interface itself. Once we start it, we can see a list with the windows that we have active and we can mark those that we would like to close, hide or show. If we decide to close it, it will also delete the list of programs, while if we hide it we can modify the status of the programs or reverse the situation.

Hide Window Hotkey

Using keyboard shortcuts we can hide any application by pressing F8 and restore it with Shif + F8. It is possible to hide or restore several applications at the same time with “Ctrl + A” and clicking Hide or Show. We can always configure the hot keys at our choice from the Options section. In addition, we can configure if we want the application to start at the same time as Windows, mute the sound when hiding the application and verify the password when clicking on the tray icon.

Hide Window Hotkey is a free application that we can download from this link to its developers’ website.

Min2Tray, organize the open windows

We are talking about another simple, practical and small application for Windows that always runs in the background and that will help us better organize the open windows, hiding them within the notifications area of ​​the system tray. Unlike other similar tools, in this case it will be necessary to make certain adjustments and key configuration before starting from its Preferences section. This can cause some users to feel overwhelmed by the number of options available.


With this application we can create shortcuts. These can be applied to different applications open at the same time. It also allows you to enable a blacklist mode, where it minimizes all those that we do not need. Likewise, it is possible to create a white list where we minimize only those that we need at a certain time. In addition, it has the possibility of minimizing all the windows except for the one we are working with at that moment.

We can download the Min2Tray tool for free and use it without the need for installation since it is portable.

4t Tray Minimizer, frees up space on the taskbar

This small, light and powerful application will allow us free up space on our taskbar. With it we can minimize the open windows of any application to the system tray or make it semi-transparent in the foreground for greater comfort. In this case, we will have a free version and a Pro version. Both allow you to customize the hot keys, both for Windows actions and for the actions of the program itself.

4t Tray Minimizer

The Pro version allows you to control the behavior of our favorite applications. Thus we can configure both how and when to minimize in the tray, customize the shortcuts to start, restore or hide actions, as well as minimize to the start tray.

We can download the free version of 4t Tray Minimizer from its developer’s website. We can also purchase its Pro version for a price of $ 19.95 per year.

Actual Window Minimizer, minimizes the applications that we do not need

It is a sophisticated and powerful software that has been developed to help us minimize the applications we need to the system tray. Equally has other tools to split the screen and make different adjustments to the window settings. It has the ability to customize keyboard shortcuts for various actions such as saving the order of desktop icons, maximizing and minimizing selected applications, locking the mouse, and saving screens that are not active at any given time.

Actual Window Minimizer

It also has more additional options such as configuring the monitor, the background and the screen saver and adjusting it to our needs. In addition, it is possible to create multiple desktop profiles, being able to switch between them with a single click. Given its wide number of options, we are talking in this case of a commercial application, so you will have to pay for its license to be able to use it.

A 14-day trial version can be downloaded from their website. If we want to use the program permanently, it will be necessary to make a payment of $ 19.95.

Which application is the most recommended

As we have seen, we have a good number of applications that will allow us to keep our toolbar organized. In most cases, these applications are free or have a trial version, so we can always try to see first-hand which one best suits our use and needs.

Among them, MinimizeToTray It is one of the simplest and easiest applications to use, so we can easily manage it, regardless of our level of knowledge. We can send the windows that we do not need to the system tray and recover them at any time. If we are looking for a more complete tool with multiple options, Actual Window Minimizer It can be a great option, although in this case it will be necessary to go through the box to be able to use it.

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