Keep your Mac’s hard drive pristine thanks to BuhoCleaner

One of the biggest concerns that we owners of any device in which we keep our work or personal items, is running out of space. We buy devices with a certain capacity but the more they give us, the more we fill it. That is why it is essential to keep the hard drive clean. We can do it manually, but it is better to automate certain tasks and this is one of them. For that we partner with BuhoCleaner.

BuhoCleaner keeps your hard drive in shape

BuhoCleaner is a new Mac cleaning application that is made for recover lost storage and increase performance in macOS Big Sur (macOS 10.12.0 or later). With this simple, intuitive and practical Mac Cleaner, you can keep your Mac hard drive storage always running fast and efficiently. The specs tell us that thanks to its advanced Mac acceleration technology, it can perform ram-consuming tasks and will always continue to perform as if it came straight from the factory. We can also use BuhoCleaner to monitor Mac system activities in the menu bar in real time.

Best features They are:

  • A simple interface and easy to use and fast performance
  • Optimized for macOS Big Sur and Apple M1
  • Clean up the trash cache Mac in one touch
  • Uninstall completely the apps you don’t use
  • Search and delete large files in an instant
  • Widget built-in duplicate file remover
  • Put off login and login items
  • Cache cleaner Xcode tailored
  • Monitor the activities of the Mac system in the menu bar

You can buy the program for about 7 euros the individual license. If you want the family that accepts up to 3 computers, the price goes up to 12. It is not a bad price for everything it promises and honestly for all the time it saves us and therefore we can dedicate to other more important things.

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