Keep your PC safe from viruses and malware with K7 Total Security

Protect your PC with K7 Total Security

Once we run this antivirus, its main menu appears in the form of a window from where we will have access to all its functions. Its interface is entirely in English, so it is a small handicap that we must accept if we want to use it, since there is no possibility of changing the language. The first thing we will find will be an information message indicating that it will be necessary to activate it to keep the protection updated.

Scan all devices

At the bottom of the screen we find the Scan button, a section from where you can perform different types of scanning.

  • Fast: is responsible for scanning the critical areas of the system that can become infected by viruses and spyware.
  • Complete: Performs a scan of the entire computer.
  • Personalized: we can define which specific folders or drives we want to perform the scan.
  • Rootkit scanning: scans the system for malicious files that may be hidden on the computer.

Along with the scan options, we also find different configuration options, schedule scans and manage the schedule scan.

K7 Total Security Scan

Additional tools

At the bottom we also find the Tools section, where we can access additional and relevant features of this security system. Here we must spend some time to see all the options that we have available.

For example, we can use SecureDelete to delete more important files in such a way that no data recovery software can recover them. This can be useful for deleting plain original texts or encrypted documents.

K7 Total Security Tools

We also find cleaning tools to improve the performance of the system, which may not be entirely useful since Windows is already in charge of carrying out the defragmentation of the system in the background and incorporates its own defragmentation tool.

It also has the tool Computer TuneUp that promises to increase the performance and speed of the PC. Upon startup, it reports adjusting memory, PCU, browser, and graphics settings.

That is why of all the tools that we find, the most useful are those of USB Vaccination (vaccinate USB devices so they can’t be infected), Virtual Keyboard, along with Secure Delete. The rest are probably more expendable and have no real value.

Download K7 Total Security

K7 Total Security is a commercial antivirus, so in order to use it, you will need to purchase its license. We can test it previously by downloading its free trial version that has a duration of 30 days. The price of the software depends on the number of computers that we want to protect and the years that we want to acquire.

Its price starts from 15 euros for a computer and a validity period of one year. It is possible to protect a maximum of 5 computers for a period of 3 years. By purchasing your license we will receive regular updates to protect our computer against all kinds of online threats.

This security system is compatible with different platforms, whether they are computers such as Windows or macOS, or mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

Other security alternatives

If we are looking for a security system that helps us keep our computer protected and safe, we can also opt for these alternatives to K7 Total Security.

360 Total Security

This program has antivirus and system maintenance functions for computers with Windows operating system. Its objective is none other than to protect our computer as much as possible since it covers different security segments. Among its main qualities we can say that it has real-time protection, also with intelligent blocking, protection for the webcam, as well as a backup. It has a free version that we can download from its official website.

Adaware Anti-Virus

We are talking about an antivirus that is responsible for detecting and eliminating any type of virus, malware, spyware or Trojan from our computer. It performs detection tasks in real time and with great efficiency, offering a great automated security experience. It has different types of on-demand scans such as quick, full or custom mode. In addition, it has other tools such as additional Safe Browsing and Download Protection modules. It has a free version that we can download from the developer’s website.

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