Kemono Jihen voiced in Italian will arrive on Netflix

Kemono Jihen, anime adaptation of the supernatural manga shonen of the same name Shou Aimoto, will arrive on Netflix dubbed in Italian.

Actually the anime had already arrived in our country on VVVVID earlier this year, but in the original version and only subtitled in our language.

Kemono Jihen release date on Netflix

The news comes directly from Dynit which, during the Romics 2021, announced that the anime will be available on the streaming platform in December 2021.

Kemono Jihen was directed by Masaya Fujimori (You Are Umasou, Izetta: The Last Witch) at the studio Ajia-Do (How Not to Summon a Demon Lord) following the scripts signed by Noboru Kimura (Amagami SS +, Nyaruko: Crawling with Love!, Gundam Build Divers), with Nozomi Tachibana (Ensemble Stars!) as responsible for the character design.

Plot and trailer

A remote rural village is shaken by a sudden and terrifying apparition: in the night, a series of decaying animal corpses appeared along the streets. Only one thing is clear from the first moment: such a horror cannot be the work of a human being. To solve the grim mystery, a detective, Inugami, specializes in occult themes, arrives from Tokyo.

In the course of the investigation, Inugami meets a bizarre local young man who prefers to work the fields rather than go to school. The boy, always covered with earth and manure, is renamed by his peers “Dorotabo”, due to his bad smell, the name of the yokai – or the ghost – who lives in the rice fields. The link between Dorotabo and the world of the supernatural seems not to be limited to his nickname, his help in fact will prove to be fundamental to face the mysterious and dark forces that threaten the village.

Kemono Jihen manga

The manga of Shou Aimoto (by title Hokenshitsu no Shinigami) was serialized starting in 2017 with great success of the magazine Jump SQ from Shueisha. In Italy Kemono Jihen debuted with J-POP Manga exactly one year ago.

Ghouls, snow demons, fox-spirits and conflicts that have never subsided; Kemono Jihen is a battle shonen perfect: enemies, training and fighting, interspersed with lighter moments and then returning to the tighter pace. Impossible not to become attached to the protagonists, well written and outlined by a clean line that becomes spectacular in the fights and in the epic moments.

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