Kevin Lynch becomes the head of Apple Car development

A few days ago, we informed you of the departure of one of the heads of Apple Car, Doug Field, in the direction of Ford. According to Bloomberg, Apple has been in a hurry to fill this vacancy, Kevin Lynch being the person selected to carry out this project through which many people have already passed.

Kevin Lynch, started working at Apple in 2013 and he was one of those responsible for the evolution of the Apple Watch in recent years. In July, it became part of the Titan project, focusing its activity on the development of the Apple Car.

Bloomberg suggested a few days ago that Doug’s departure was a sign that Apple car development is still in its early stages, so let’s not expect an Apple Car in the short term.

This is due to the checkered history of this project, a project that in recent years has undergone leadership changes, attempts to partner with other manufacturers, layoffs of engineers … movements that have continuously delayed the development of the self-driving electric vehicle that Apple plans to launch.

According to Bloomberg

Kevin started working on the project earlier this year, when he took over the teams managing the underlying software. He is now overseeing the entire group, which also includes hardware engineering and work on sensors for self-driving cars, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the movement is not public.

The choice of Lynch to lead the car project indicates that much of the company continues to focus on the underlying software and self-driving technology, rather than the physical mechanics of the vehicle. Lynch has been a software executive for decades, not someone who oversees hardware teams. Also, he has never worked in a car company.

This movement by Apple is striking, since among the staff working on the Apple Car, there are several people who do have experience in the automotive sector, an experience that Kevin Lynch completely lacks.

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