Key week for Apple event announcement

We are Tuesday, September 7, and we are entering the key week for the announcement or not of the presentation of the new iPhone model. It could even be today the day that Apple officially announces the date for their event. And it is that just today there are seven days left to reach the rumored date established by the company for the presentation of the iPhone 13, the third generation AirPods and the Apple Watch Series 7.

During the past year the event was announced seven days in advance despite the fact that it took place in October due to the pandemic. This year it seems that we are going to have a delay in the presentation so today or even tomorrow could be key dates for the announcement of the Apple event.

There are 7 days until September 14

Many media and even we ourselves bet on the filing date for September 14 and we are just seven days away from this date, so it is possible that in the next few hours we will have news by Apple.

Regarding what they will present at the event, it is clear that it will be the new iPhone 13 model, possibly the new Apple Watch Series 7 model and perhaps the third-generation AirPods. It is not clear if we will see any new MacBook Pros at this event or wait to launch them later, What does seem clear is that this new presentation event will not be live just like the previous ones.

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