Keyboards and mice to play like on PC with your PS5

There are certain types of games in which there is nothing better to control than a good keyboard and mouse to move through the management menus easily, without having to move with the mouse. stick of the gamepad, or to aim and shoot with maximum precision in those developments in first person. What happens is that on consoles it does not seem too practical to opt for peripherals like this, due to the very nature of the game on PS5, Xbox, etc.

Where do I put the keyboard?

It is true that when we enjoy the console we usually do it sitting in front of a television and comfortable in an armchair, so if we want to use a keyboard and mouse we would have to find a rigid surface to use them or, failing that, opt for a configuration PC on a desk to support everything. Now, not because of that difficulty, They are still the best alternative for certain types of releases. So let’s try what models we can find.

In principle, any keyboard or mouse that can be connected to the PS5 USB ports should work for us, in theory, now, so as not to risk too much we will choose the ones that are certified by PlayStation Or they are marked as compatible by the store where we are going to buy them. And for this, nothing like reading each word of the ads that we go looking for.

The fact is that we have decided to look for alternatives on Amazon and here we are going to leave you some very interesting ones, especially for their price-quality ratio, while others are They go up a bit in cost but they represent the most reliable and operational alternative of all. So in this case, it will be you who decides if you want to invest as much or with a little less, it is worth doing practically the same thing.

Smart and colorful

The first model that we are going to leave you here is the most expensive, but the one with the most options as standard because it is not only a set of keyboard and mouse, but also we can configure it with a mobile application to program each key to a different game profile. It has top quality finishes and is compatible with PlayStation.

as we tell you, many USB keyboards will work just fine with your console, but it is better to be sure, as in this case. We have a complete model, which plugs into PS5 with cable, RGB lights under each key and is perfect for handling the action of a Atomic Heart or similar without problems.

in the third case we give you back a package mini keyboard and mouse which on this occasion are simpler because the keys come with the letters that would have to be part of a keyboard complete (W, A, S, D) with a mouse, as well as a USB hub where we can connect them all and not have the need to collapse the ports of your PS5. So it is a very complete alternative that does not increase the cost of what you need to pay too much.

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