Keys to the banking of the future: Video banking, Smart Tablet and digital window

The banksSubjected to a constant learning process, they try to adapt to their clients and, for this, they need to implement effective solutions that help improve that experience (UX or user experience). At the same time they must continue to ensure security and coverage.

Traditional entities are currently facing a series of challenges such as the loss of physical access to financial services in certain geographical areas, the appearance of new competitors digital nativesthe loss of market share due to the lack of alternatives to the closure of offices and the opening of digital branches by its competition.

Demand is changing and requires changes to entities. However, when asked about the customer experience, 73% of bank executives surveyed by CapGemini in its World Retail Banking Report 2022 state that they have difficulty turning the amount of data collected through different channels into useful information. Using the technological tools at their disposal to configure an increasingly human bank, without losing sight of the demand (especially by some segments of the population) for physical contact, financial institutions that can become the meeting point between users and technology will have a competitive advantage.

And the way to achieve this, from the point of view of the international provider of software for the banking and payment sector, Auriga, would mainly involve a commitment to a omnichannel strategy that improves the service and experience of customers and, of course, adopts technology as an enabler, as a channel and as the basis of the customer experience, whether through online banking or within the branch. «Since the pandemic, digital banking has gained even greater prominence, and the truth is that it is key to the democratization of finance. In other words, so that all people can access the financial system regardless of their geographical location or their social or economic sector. And although in some cases it may seem that this path towards digitalization precisely leaves out some of these groups, the reality is that it is the best way to include them”, explains Niccolò Garzelli, Senior Vice President of Sales at Auriga.

Bank branch tools of the future

  • video banking: Assisted self-service for customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • digital window: Desk equipped to respond to all customer needs, with remote assistance.
  • SmartTablet: Tool that allows the branch to know relevant customer information and offer a fully personalized experience.
  • Multifunction ATM: ATMs will allow cross-channel integration into a self-service and assisted self-service device.

It is essential, therefore, to make the services accessible and understandable to all users. This includes explaining and exposing the concepts and operations in a clear way for everyone, but also visual and auditory inclusion (large characters or sound alerts, for example). The technology You should solve problems, not raise them. be reactive and flexible and not invasive or aggressive, be clear and unequivocal, but also friendly. “When we talk about digital banking, we are not referring only to what is offered online, but also to other new formats that can be used from the branch itself, multiplying the reach, hours and breadth of the user experience”concludes Garzelli.

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