Kia EV9: the electric SUV would offer a range of less than 400 kilometers

Kia has reportedly conducted a customer survey that shows the potential specs of the upcoming Kia EV9 mid-size electric SUV. Here’s everything we know about him.

kia ev9

After a first concept unveiled in 2021 at the Los Angeles Motor Show, we now know a little more about Kia’s future electric SUV, named EV9. Kia has reportedly shared a survey with customers that may show some specs of the future electric car.

A total of 5 different configurations have been listedand we know that the two most affordable will be equipped with rear-wheel drive, 200 horsepower, 339 Nm of torque and a acceleration from 0 to 96 km/h in 8.5 seconds. The SUV therefore looks quite interesting, but the autonomy could still be quite limited.

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The Kia EV9 SUV should be satisfied with 400 km of autonomy

The survey suggests that the Kia EV9 would start from $56,000, while it will cost up to $73,000 for the most complete version. The basic version’s biggest flaw may well be its battery life, because this would be limited to only 354 km.

In comparison, the Tesla Model Y, which recently saw its price drop by almost 10,000 euros, offers 455 km of autonomy in its least expensive propulsion version, and up to 533 km for the Grande Autonomie model. Fortunatelyother configurations of the Kia EV9 promise to be more autonomous.

The second would offer 467 km, the third 418 km, and the two most expensive only 386 km. We imagine that the latter will be less enduring because of an increased power, since the most powerful configuration should reach 96 km / h in just 5.2 seconds.

The KIA EV9 electric SUV is expected to be unveiled sometime in 2023, but its release could wait until 2024. We recall that the car manufacturer hopes to be able to offer 7 seats in three rows, a solar panel integrated into the hood, a retractable steering wheel integrated into the dashboard or even a 27-inch main screen. We should know more about him soon enough.

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