Kick-Ass: Matthew Vaughn announces the arrival of the reboot!

Matthew Vaughn, the director of the first two films based on the comic by Mark Millar, announced that within two years we will be able to see a reboot of Kick-Ass.

Kick-Ass reboot announced

A statement that took all fans by surprise, considering that only a couple of weeks ago Mark Millar had extinguished all hope of being able to see a third chapter of the saga made shortly, and that all the rumors regarding a new project were from consider oneself mere chatter.

“Oh, a great reboot is coming, a great Kick-Ass reboot in two years” instead said the director of Kick-Ass during the promotion of The Kin’s Man: The Origins. “A great reboot… It’s so fucking insane I can’t talk about it. But it’s ready to go. All the production rights will roll back after ten years, and they’ll say to me: ‘You’re completely crazy’ ”.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if the Kick-Ass reboot will be a movie or series coming to Netflix (considering Millar’s deal with the Californian streaming giant), nor if it will see Aaron Taylor-Johnson return as by Dave Lizewski / Kick-Ass.

What is certain is that it will not be the long-awaited third film in the saga.

The clue is in the title. I think Kick-Ass … has become a new kind of genre. At the time everyone was telling us that we couldn’t make superhero movies that were Restricted to Minors, nobody wanted to see those movies. We couldn’t do it. So when we dared and went crazy, we said to ourselves, “Well, it’s going to be so controversial that everyone will talk about it, many will love it and many will hate it.” I’m not saying there won’t be these characters in the reboot… I’m just saying it’s not what you might imagine. And I’m going to need a very, very brave actor, or an actress, to play the new Kick-Ass, because it’s going to be a really scary role.

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