Kiki: Home Delivery, Studio Ghibli announces the arrival of the table service inspired by the film

Studio Ghibli announced the availability of a table service inspired by the 1989 animated film by Kiki: Home deliveries.

It is a service taken from the scene of the film in which Osono, the owner of the Gütiokipänjä bakery seen in the anime, offers a meal to Kiki and the black cat Jiji with her husband Fukuo.

Jiji is the protagonist of Kiki’s official table service: Home Delivery

And Jiji is present on every dish in the set, which includes a carafe and a sugar bowl, sold respectively at a price of 3,740 yen and 3,080 yen (about 23 euros), as well as a spoon and a ceramic plate (990 yen) of 16 cm in diameter.

However, the ceramic mug also stands out in the set, sold at a price of 2,420 yen, one of the few mugs made under official license by Studio Ghibli, with rather generous dimensions and with Jiji and a floral pattern drawn on a yellow background.

To complete the collection, then, there is the ceramic bowl of Jiji, which measures 18 centimeters in diameter and which is now sold at a price of 2,420 yen (and yes, it is good for both humans, cats and witches).

The “Osono-san dinnerware set” became available for purchase from September 18th, at the licensed chain of Studio Ghibli Donguri Kyowakoku, but also through the online store of the same chain.

A great way to make Studio Ghibli anime foods even more real, and to make our table a little more magical.

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