Kim Kardashian spoils Spider-Man: No Way Home to 274 million followers

Kim Kardashian has almost 300 million people attentive to whatever nonsense she puts on Instagram, and on December 27 they suffered the consequences of that decision.

He gutted the best of the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home and now I’m going to gut you.

So, at least I notice and, if you haven’t seen the movie, you better stop reading. That at least I realize that there are others in the world besides me. Quite a feat, it seems, for most influencers of social networks.

The reality star went to see Spider-Man: No Way Home and, neither short nor lazy, she began to make the greatest spoiler of the film in a series of Stories uploaded to your account from Instagram.

What Kim Kardashian Gutted From Spider-Man: No Way Home

Well, practically, everything important and almost the only thing that the trailers hadn’t revealed to us already, the presence of the rest of Spider-men, both Tobey Maguire from the original Sam Raimi saga, as well as Andrew Garfield from the film series of Amazing spider-man.

And he did not limit himself to commenting on it in the storyInstead, he committed the greatest possible sin that should be punishable by capital punishment. He picked up his cell phone during the movie (in fact, he probably didn’t put it down for a single second), portrayed key scenes and uploaded them to their stories from Instagram.

Not only that, above they were the final climax scenes of the movie.

Thus, the many millions of followers who had not yet seen Spider-Man: No Way Home, they were stunned and with the ruined surprise. It is clear that it was the worst kept secret in history, but even so, you have already been blown away by the experience of seeing it for the first time and you know how it will be, in a grainy and seedy way.

In fact, I was going to put some of those captures to illustrate the news, but I refuse on principle.

Fans didn’t like the Kardashian spoiler at all

What Kin deserves for gutting Spider-Man

Obviously, the comments began that “that is not done” and that “you have ruined the movie” on the part of many Kim Kardashian fans and followers.

Personally, and this I do not know if it reflects the opinion of The Output, but they will erase the sentence if anything, to believe that Kim Kardashian thinks that there is a world with other people beyond her nose is even more naive than to believe that the other actors who played Spider-man.

What’s more, I’m sure that, deep down, she still doesn’t know why some have gotten mad at her for that.

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