Kingston gives us three tips to help us choose the best memory card for a GoPro

Choosing the most suitable memory card for our GoPro can be a difficult decision. Kingston knows this, and for this reason he has shared three tips that will make our lives a little easier. These tips focus in three keys that, in fact, are essential to make the right decision when choosing said accessory, and we are going to see them in detail.

The first key is the capacity, and it is that we must take into account what use we are going to give our Gopro to determine if we are going to need a memory card of lesser or greater capacity. Kingston does not recommend specific figures, and it is normal because these can vary a lot depending on the use that we are going to give the camera, but we must bear in mind that if we are going to record continuously we will need a high capacity drive.

Another important key is speed. This indicates the amount of data that it is capable of recording in a second, and depending on the quality with which we are going to record the video, we will need a higher speed. If we want to record video in 4K we must have a unit that can reach at least 70 MB/s so as not to have performance issues.

The third key is given by durabilityBecause a GoPro is designed to run smoothly in harsh conditions, it’s important that the memory card has high endurance and is able to keep up with it. Otherwise, we may end up getting very upset if it “dies” and we are left without the videos we had recorded.

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It is not necessary to buy the best memory card on the market to get the most out of our GoPro, but it is true that we must be careful and avoid cheap and low-quality modelssince these could give us problems that will completely ruin our user experience both in the short and medium term.

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