Kingston says it has the DDR5 RAM your PC needs

The DDR5 RAM it’s already here, and it’s here to stay; despite Alder Lake-S is a transitional platform (supporting both DDR4 and DDR5) and that’s how the next generation of Intel will be, AMD is already preparing support for the new generation of memory and eventually DDR5 will unseat DDR4 and it will be the memory that we will all use on the PC. Now Kingston has introduced his new family FURY Renegade DDR5RAM memories that are postulated as an excellent choice for those users who are looking for the best performance of DDR5 RAM, with an aggressive aesthetic and without spending a fortune.

RAM memory is an essential piece of hardware in any PC, and since it is in constant direct communication with the processor, it is one of the critical elements for those looking to have good performance on their PC. With the FURY Renegade DDR5, Kingston seeks to raise the bar and provide users with reasonable next-generation RAM memories and with an aesthetic that few will leave indifferent.

The Kingston FURY Renegade DDR5 are here to stay

Kingston already has many models of RAM within the FURY family on the market, and we have to say that many of them have always proven to be a very good choice because they provide a great balance between price and performance. Now, with the launch of this new family, the veteran manufacturer wants to surprise us by raising the performance level thanks to the new memory architecture, but maintaining that aggressive aesthetic that many gamers look for inside their PC, with RGB lighting and a heatsink aluminum in black and silver colors.

These RAM memories have speeds of up to 6,400MHz with CL32 latencies, and according to the manufacturer its components have been hand-selected to guarantee 100% stability and performance in all areas. In fact, thanks to the fact that DDR5 RAM has an independent voltage controller, Kingston boasts that these DDR5 RAMs are ideal for performing Overclockalthough it is true that as you already know it is something simple to do from scratch thanks to the profile Intel XMP 3.0 integrated.

Of course, we are dealing with RAM memories with RGB lighting, in this case in the form of a top bar on each individual module. They have 16 preset color and effect profiles with Kingston FURY CTRL software, but they are also perfectly compatible to integrate with the motherboard RGB software you use on your PC so you don’t have to install more and more programs on your PC. , something that ends up causing them to slow down.

Price and availability

At the moment what Kingston has announced is that these FURY Renegade DDR5 will be available in kits of 16 GB (with a single module) and 32 GB (two modules of 16 GB each) and in speeds of 6,000 and 6,400 MHz, but not they have indicated neither the price at which we can buy them nor their availability date (well, they have always said that “they are already available”, but that means that they have already sent the product to the distributors but then they need to list them in their catalogs , which may take a week or two at most).

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