Kioxia presents the first 2 Tbyte microSDXC card

Kioxia has announced the first working prototypes of microSDXC memory cards from 2TB. A storage capacity supported for years by the standard, but until now had not been used.

Kioxia will use BiCS FLASH 3D memory and a self-designed controller to reach a truly stratospheric capacity. They will be manufactured using the company’s proprietary manufacturing technology, stacking sixteen 1-terabit dies of 3D flash memory for a maximum thickness of 0.8mm in the die mounting area.

The drives will achieve maximum sequential read speeds of 104 Mbps under UHS-I and we assume a minimum of 30 Mbps on writes. They are currently in the prototype phase and the company hopes to start mass production in 2023.

The 2 Tbyte microSDXC makes the standard more interesting

Until the launch of SD Express that will use the PCIe and NVMe protocols (the same as SSD), the new Kioxia microSD will be the ones that offer the largest storage capacity in the industry.

It must be said that microSD cards, the smallest variant of the Secure Digital external and removable storage standard, are an essential product group to increase the storage capacity of hundreds of millions of devices, from smartphones to cameras to drones. , tablets, GPS, portable consoles and a long etc.

Although the main objective of this format is still data storage and in fact there are devices that use it as the only medium, are also used to run applications and free up the internal storage of devices as can be done on Android smartphones, to run full operating systems or as bootable media.

Those 2 Tbytes of capacity will be useful for all use cases. They will be available in 2023.

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