Kobo Clara 2E, a very complete eReader at a good price

The Kobo Clara 2E is a new digital book reader that adopts a small and compact format, a simple design and offers very good build quality for its price, since this model is waterproofwhich means that we can take it to the bathroom or the pool without any problem.

The Kobo Clara 2E screen is 6 inches, uses electronic ink and offers a density of 300 pixels per inch. It has a dual core ARM processor running at 1 GHz, which represents an important advance compared to the Kobo Clara HD, which mounts a 1 GHz single-core processor. 16GB of storage capacitydouble that said model, and has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth.

In terms of hardware, it represents a very big jump compared to the Kobo Clara HD, and the differences do not end there, since the Kobo Clara 2E uses a port USB Type-C, It has a 1,500 mAh battery and as we anticipated it has IPX8 certification, which means that it can last up to an hour submerged in fresh water at a depth of two meters.

At first glance it might seem that the screen of the Kobo Clara 2E is the same as that of the Kobo Clara HD, since the latter has a 6-inch E-Ink touch panel and a resolution of 1,072 x 1,448 pixels. Those specs are the same as the Kobo Clara 2E, but it uses a E-Ink Carta 1200 panel, which offers superior response and improves contrast by 15%.

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The Kobo Clara 2E is made from 85% recycled plastics, measures 112.1 x 159 x 8.7mm and weighs 171 grams. Its price is €149.99, a quite reasonable figure considering what it offers. The first units will begin to arrive from September 22.

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