Kodi says goodbye to addons: all will stop working on January 1

As we use our computer, we accumulate a series of programs that we need on a daily basis. If we focus on the multimedia sector, generally we will use a powerful multimedia player for these contents. Say that one of the most popular solutions for a long time is Kodi.

Here we find an open source project that comes from the popular yesteryear XBMC and that in these moments does not stop growing and improving. Kodi is a multimedia player that also offers us a huge number of additional functions. These allow us to manage our playlists from both video like Audio. Also, from here we can see TV channels, play streaming content, manage our photo library, etc.

At first, if something draws your attention about this software that we are commenting on, it is the user interface that it offers us. Once we start it, it presents us with a totally independent aspect to the operating system or device where it is working. In addition to all the functions that it offers us, this software offers us great stability and compatibility with most formats current. With everything and with it for a long time the program has been surrounded by some controversy. Surely many of you know that in Kodi we have the possibility to install certain complements or addons.

The nature of these can be the most varied, both their own and external, and referring to functional issues, content, or appearance. The problem for certain sectors is that many of these addons They offer users access to platforms with paid content, all without spending a single euro.

Kodi developers put an end to addons

How could it be otherwise, the developers and managers of the program are totally against these actions related to piracy. This is something that for years they have wanted to make patent by downloading on users the type of use they make of these add-ons, whether legal or not. However, it seems that at the moment their patience has reached a limit and they have made an important decision. Largely so that your multimedia project stops being related to certain sectors of content piracy.

Due to all the comments, the developers of this open source project have made the determination to remove any possibility of installing new addons. In this case they would pay just for sinners because many of these supplements are totally legal. But in order to end the bad reputation that your project has in this regard, as of January 1, 2022, we will not be able to add this type of add-ons to Kodi, whether they are legal or not.

kodi addons

It is clear that this is a decision that will generate a huge rejection by the majority of the users of the application. However, the developers of this prefer offer clean software free of these add-ons, on many occasions related to piracy. In this way, from next year we will be able to enjoy Kodi to the fullest, but without complementary software elements. What their top managers want with this movement is unlink your project from illicit or illegal uses of certain users and thus do their bit against piracy.

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