Kojima rings again for Abandoned: what about the application?

The mystery of Abandoned it continues to haunt us, and the application for PS5 remains intact since it released its first content (a teaser of just 10 seconds). Many have already decided to uninstall the application after getting tired of waiting, but that does not mean that rumors do not continue to move in the industry, and that is where the latest information comes into play.

Konami and the return of its classics

Metal Gear Solid 4K AI

Apparently, as they point out in VGC After receiving inside information from an undisclosed source, Konami would be completing a number of major projects after being quiet for a long time. And it is that the company has not released a great title for a long time, and everything could have a reason.

As they point out, the company is working on the launch of updated versions of its most important classics, being Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill the franchises chosen. According to the information, in the case of Castlevania, the saga would be “reimagined”, and the work would fall to Konami Japan with the help of outside studios.

Metal Gear Solid could have its long-awaited remake, and in that case it seems that the study Virtuos could be in charge of the remake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the same time that Konami would work on the remastered version of the Metal Gear Solid original.

And Silent Hill would be missing

The most interesting for some would come with Sillent Hill, since it seems that there will be several games that will come around the saga. The number of titles being shuffled is unknown (apparently there are several studies that are involved), but there is one in particular that is the one that would totally attract attention as it was developed by a Japanese study of great importance.

That studio would be none other than Kojima Productions, since Gematsu has related information that would guarantee Kojima’s presence in the project, and that would supposedly be funded by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

White and bottled


All this would only confirm the obvious. We have been following too many clues around Blue Box Game Studios for many months, and they all led us to the same place. With this information we would confirm the obvious again, but for now we have no choice but to keep staring at the Abandoned application to check if there is finally new content available in the main menu.

As far as official information is concerned, Blu Box Studios is limited to responding through its official Twitter account with messages ensuring that they continue working to bring the playable teaser to the application. They have asked for patience, and the most they have done is update their official website with a list of frequently asked questions that at the moment do not seem to have hidden any kind of clue.

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