Komi Can’t Communicate becomes a live action TV series

Japanese television network NHK has announced the live action series Komi Can’t Communicate taken from the manga of the same name Tomohito Oda of which we also await the anime adaptation.

The TV series, which will see the model as protagonists Elaiza Ikeda and the j-pop singer Takahisa Masuda, will consist of 8 episodes and will premiere on September 6 at 10:45 pm within the night block “Yorudora” of NHK General.

Yoshihito Okashita And Eiji Ishii they are directing the series following a script written by Fumie Mizuhashi. Toshikazu Higuchi And Asako Takagi are executive producers with Hiroyuki Ōnuma And Tōichirо̄ Ruto in the role of producers. Eishi Segawainstead, he will take care of the music for the show.

Plot of the manga Komi Can’t Communicate

It’s Shouko Komi’s first day at the prestigious Itan high school and the beautiful girl is already the most envied and admired in the school. With long black hair and a graceful appearance, Komi catches the attention of anyone who meets her. There’s only one problem: despite her popularity and the fact that no one can take their eyes off her, Shouko has a hard time communicating with others.

Hitohito Tadano is the typical average high school kid. Following his motto “keep your eyes open and make sure you stay out of trouble,” he quickly discovers that sitting next to Shouko has attracted envy and hatred from his own class. Hitohito realizes that, perhaps, Shouko has some difficulty in speaking easily with others: in fact she has never been able to make a single friend.

Hitohito decides to help Shouko with the aim of meeting a hundred friends so that he can overcome his communication disorder.

Komi Can’t Communicate debuted in Weekly Shonen Sunday in 2016, with the work currently running at 20 volumes. In Italy, the manga is published by J-POP.

The anime adaptation, which has already shown itself with the first trailer, will arrive in Japan in October 2021

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